Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sukuna’s Insane Powers Explained! Know Some Shocking Facts

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Sukuna, as we all remember, is a legendary character that was sealed 1000 years ago. He has four limbs and two faces in his actual form. Shamans offered their everything at the moment, sealing him by losing their lives. However, destroying his body was difficult. As a consequence, they chained him and split his energies into 20 fingers in a rite.

Sukuna has recovered the ability to use 15 fingers and has soundly destroyed Jogo, a cursed spirit able to cause a powerful Domain Expansion. During the battle, Sukuna teased him. Not only that, but he also fought the Zenin Family’s strongest Shikigami, Mahoraga.

In the past, this shikigami is supposed to have been called the Zenin Clan’s trump card against the Gojo Clan’s Six Eyes. The shikigami may be invoked at any moment, and General Mahoraga can adapt to any circumstance or condition. Sukuna had a little trouble while beating someone the first time, which is why he had to develop his domain expansion to eliminate an enemy. In fact, Sukuna has a scope to defeat Satoru Gojo with all 20 fingers’ ability. Satoru Gojo claims to have been a human before transforming into the most powerful devil many years ago.

Sukuna’s Cursed Power

Sukuna is a cursed spirit of the special grade. However, the cursed strength and general powers of a cursed spirit and the power of Ryomen Sukuna are vastly different. His mere presence in Shibuya was enough to vanquish the toughest special grade cursed spirits, such as Jogo.

Dismantle & Cleave is Sukuna’s Innate Cursed Technique. His technique’s formal title is still unclear. However, the series demonstrated that he could slash or cleave anything with his method. His slashing assault adapts to the cursed power and strength of his enemies. Anyone may be cleaved with only a little movement of his fingers.

Yuji’s body may be possessed by Sukuna

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna’s major way of influencing the universe is by possessing Yuji’s body. He does it for the first time just after Yuji consumes his finger. Yuji is going to be slaughtered by a Cursed Spirit and seeking to claim the finger’s strength for itself for the time being. Yuji instead consumes the finger, absorbing its energies and giving himself a chance to fight back. Sukuna then sends the Cursed Spirit into Yuji’s body. Shortly later, Satoru Gojo, a very strong Jujutsu Sorcerer, arrives on the scene, ready to slay Yuji and expel Sukuna. He finds that one of Yuji’s skills is controlling Sukuna at will, and he lets him survive.

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Later, Yuji intentionally enables Sukuna to reclaim his body in order to survive a battle with another powerful Curse. Sukuna’s skills are such that when he takes possession of Yuji’s body, he maintains some of his skills as he was a distinct entity, implying that Sukuna makes simple work of the antagonist in this circumstance. Sukuna murders Yuji and only resurrects him if Yuji accepts a bargain that allows Sukuna to control him for minute-long periods, leaving Yuji with no consciousness of his possession. While this has not occurred yet in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, it is still possible as Season progresses.

Sukuna Can Use Reverse Cursed Technique

Sukuna retains huge quantities of cursed energy due to his inherent strength, proving his status as the “King of Curses.” During fights, he could apply his techniques forever without getting tired. He may use “Domain Expansion” and “Reverse Cursed Techniques” to perfectly manage his cursed energy. Satoru Gojo is the only other entity capable of doing so.

Due to his status as a certain grade cursed spirit, Sukuna can easily conduct a reverse cursed method to restore severed limbs in an instance. Sukuna’s regained limbs are just as powerful as the rest of him. He possesses the power to heal people at a much higher level. Nobody but Shoko Ieri is thought to achieve this among Jujutsu Sorcerers at the moment.

Sukuna May Incarnate Yuji’s Body

Sukuna may still present himself in the actual world via Yuji’s eyes and lips if he does not entirely possess him. Yuji acquires a pair of slits behind each of his eyes after devouring Sukuna’s finger. They stay closed for most of the time, but they open when Sukuna takes Yuji’s body and gives Sukuna a more significant presence on Yuji’s persona.

Sukuna can create a mouth on Yuji’s body, usually beneath one of the eye holes or on Yuji’s hands, and talk virtually anytime he wants. In Episode 2, for instance, when Yuji enlists in “Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School,” causing Sukuna to scare the school’s personnel, he uses such abilities. He communicates to Yuji and Mahito via a mouth on Yuji’s face later during the conflict with Mahito. Meanwhile, after Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Fushiguro offers Yuji one of Sukuna’s fingers for protection. While the objective is to get it back to Jujutsu High, Sukuna develops a mouth on Yuji’s hand and swallows it, enhancing his abilities while laying inert in Yuji.

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Sukuna Has The Ability To Heal Any Human Body Instantaneously

After the arrival of a Cursed Womb, which acts as a type of incubator for Cursed Spirits, Yuji and his friends are sent to a juvenile prison facility to rescue survivors. An incredibly strong Curse has already issued from that Womb and murdered practically everyone within the institution, as they discover upon their arrival. Yuji and his friends are also unprepared to face such a powerful Curse. Regardless, Yuji drives himself to strike, and he loses his hand in the process.

Sukuna first begs the Curse to serve for him, but the Curse refuses and strikes out at Sukuna. To succeed in this collision, Yuji offers Sukuna to possess his body. Sukuna reproduces Yuji’s arm and utilizes it to form a protective barrier to block the Curse’s assault. His regeneration abilities are so instinctive to him that he chalks Yuji’s arm instantaneously.

After the battle, Sukuna murders Yuji by extracting his heart, something Sukuna does not need to survive due to his supernatural abilities. Sukuna then utilizes this as a bargaining point to make a deal with Yuji, giving him full freedom to take possession of Yuji’s body whenever he wants. Sukuna reveals the full scope of his extraordinary healing skills by bringing dead Yuji back to life after they establish their agreement.

Sukuna Is A Physically Powerful Demon

The first time spectators see Sukuna in action in Episode 2 when Gojo puts the restored Sukuna to the test by fighting him in Yuji’s body. While Gojo is able to easily avoid Sukuna’s successive physical attacks, he is the most potent Jujutsu Sorcerer in the story. As Sukuna can even challenge Gojo, therefore he undoubtedly has considerable strength.

Then, in Episode 4, while facing the strong Curse, Sukuna launches his assault with a wide range of physical punches. Sukuna rips the Curse apart and embeds his mutilated limbs in a neighboring stone wall at the end of these strikes. Sukuna is clearly stronger than Yuji, despite depending on his body to live. Considering that this Curse was previously revealed to be too formidable for an adversary of Yuji, Yuji can even start to battle if necessary.

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Ultimately, Sukuna confronts Fushiguro after that fight, hoping to beat him so Yuji may recover command of his body. After determining that he finds Fushiguro personally intriguing, as he states halfway through their fight, Sukuna stays dominant despite simply utilizing physical blows, seemingly holding back his apparently more potent Jujutsu abilities. Despite this, Yuji defeats Fushiguro with ease using just his physical assaults before regaining battle control.

Manipulation of Fire

For long-range attacks, Sukuna possesses the power to control and generate flames. These abilities outshine Jogo’s or Mount Fuji, which is defined by tremendously devastating pyrokinetic abilities. During the battle with Jogo, he employed his fire talent as well, which outperformed Jogo’s Disaster Flames. It demonstrates Sukuna’s ability to use a variety of cursed techniques.

In His Innate Domain, Sukuna Is Invincible

Sukuna’s spirit emerges on a “throne of skulls” in a black, bloody lake whenever Yuji interacts. Sukuna becomes most powerful in his Innate Domain, a man-made habitat that increases its creator’s abilities.

Sukuna uses his “Domain Expansion Technique” very easily, which is simply a way for Jujutsu Sorcery practitioners to exhibit their Innate Domain in the actual world. Sukuna uses his Innate Domain for the first time in the fight against a Cursed Spirit in the juvenile detention facility. His Domain Expansion is named for just a moment once he enters the Malevolent Shrine, following which the Curse is split into five segments that subsequently explode into flame.

Sukuna later stakes the contract he plans to establish with Yuji on a battle between them, which occurs inside his Innate Domain in Episode 6. Sukuna finishes their fight in a flash, beheading Yuji’s ethereal form and before resurrecting Yuji’s physical form after their bond is completed.

Lastly, Sukuna assaults Mahito, the strong Cursed Spirit, in his Innate Domain in connection with Mahito’s use of his special ability to directly contact Sukuna’s spirit form. Sukuna fights back by wounding Mahito severely with a swipe of his wrist, forcing him to flee. This is another example of Sukuna demonstrating his immense strength, even as a simple spirit trapped within a human vessel.

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