Summer Game Fest 2021: Koch Media Introduces Publishing Label, PayDay 3, Painkiller and Much More

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Summer Game Fest 2021: Koch Media Introduces Publishing Label, PayDay 3, Painkiller and Much More

The Summer Game Fest of Geoff Keighley has ripped from the hand of Koch Media, which arrives with its new imprint under the arm, Prime Matter, with which he intends to sponsor the 12 titles just released. With this new direction, the publisher intends to approach the developers and establish a joint and representative brand of the titles that are produced under it. As specified in the presentation event of this new division:

“It’s about working in harmony with the developers and their visions, and combining them with Koch Media’s 25 years of global experience to ensure the full potential of the games is realized.”

Now it remains to be seen how this maneuver translates into the relationships and synergies established between developers and publisher. But beyond that, what ultimately interests us are the little games, and in that sense, Koch Media has just put on the table 12 new proposals. A heterogeneous list, which plays very different styles, both in terms of genres and production levels, providing release windows, or even specific dates, for almost all video games featured. So, without further ado, let’s review the leisure offer presented by the company.

The 12 proposals of Koch Media for the Summer Game Fest 2021

1. Dolmen

Brazilians from Massive Work Studio they bring us Dolmen, a kind of soulslike which, according to its creators, is strongly inspired by the universe created by HP Lovecraft. In the presentation trailer we have been able to see that it has all the tropes that have been attributed to the genre during the last 10 years: routes that end in a save point, strategically hidden enemies, parri, the classic combat scheme melee and ranged combat options that, on this occasion, arise via firearms. Moreover, the title embraces the science fiction to mix with the cosmic terror of the Genie of Providence. The game is scheduled for 2022, and will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC, hitting both digital and physical stores.

2. Project: Echoes of the End

Icelanders from Dark Games they bring us a fantasy world that promises to be spectacular, in which we will adopt the role of Ryn, an experienced fighter with the ability to destroy and manipulate matter. This is, without a doubt, one of the most ambitious titles that it brings us Prime Matter, although also one of those who remains with release date to be confirmed. At the moment, all we know is that it will PS5, Xbox Series X|S y PC.

3. Encased

From the hand of Prime Matter y Dark Crystal Games a new one has come to us trailer from Encased, a classic role-playing title, set in a science fiction universe and showing off the traditional isometric view. The game is being developed under Unity. is expected to September of this year and will go on sale on PC.

4. FINAL FORM (Provisional title)

Reikon Games, authors of Ruiner, has presented its new IP, Final Form (Provisional title), a sci-fi FPS that will take players on an action-packed adventure. They propose us a mission against an unstoppable plague, to protect the last celestial being from its curious cosmology, the essence of life and creation. The game is one of the main projects behind the Prime Matter label of Koch Media, which will distribute the title both physically and digitally in PC and consoles (not yet specified). We know that It will have cooperative multiplayer to 3, but we do not have a release date.

5. The Last Oricru

For its part, from GoldKnights it reaches us The Last Oricru, a third-person role-playing game that takes place in a somewhat particular fantasy middle ages, combined with sci-fi elements. The study aims to propose an adventure in which the worst enemies do not fight with swords and axes, but with words. According to the developers, enemies will try to earn our trust based on their own interest, always leaving the last decision in our hands. The title is scheduled for 2022 and will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

6. Gungrave G.O.R.E

Koreans from Iggymob they have shown again Gungrave G.O.R.E., a third-person action title that was introduced a few years ago with a trailer for PS4. The game, characterized by its overloaded aesthetics inherited from punk and metal, but passed through the anime filter, was delayed on several occasions, reaching a scheduled date for 2020. Now it returns with a new trailer, release scheduled for 2022 and confirmation that it will be released on both consoles and PC.


Mad Head Games brings us a third person action video game titled Scars Above. The title features a sci-fi setting that will take us through inhospitable, unexplored and not very welcoming environments. Tomorrow, Friday June 11, a live broadcast will be broadcast streaming at the Summer Game Fest that will show more content, in addition there will be a question and answer session with Ivan Zorkić, Game Director. The title is dated to 2022, uses UE4 and will appear on both consoles (unspecified) and PC.

8. The Chant (título provisional)

Brass Token comes with a third person action horror game, The Chant (Provisional title). Set in a horror scenario that they define as cosmic and unique, Delve into the haunted grounds of a sect new age. We must explore the twisted past of a remote island and fight to escape the psychedelic terrors arising from a spiritual retreat that did not go quite right. He is scheduled to leave for the Q2 2022 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, X Box Series X | S and PC, arriving both in physical and digital format.

9. King’s Bounty 2

After several independent expansions, which lengthened the life of the first installment, 1C Entertainment puts all the meat on the grill with King’s Bounty 2, a sequel called to modernize the franchise and expand its limits, turning it into a more attractive proposal for these times, has a structure that inherits a lot from great titles like The Witcher 3, something that mixes with the particular combat system that has always characterized King’s Bounty. King’s Bounty 2 will go on sale next August 24 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, the entire Xbox family and Nintendo Switch.

10. Crossfire: Legion

By Blackbird Studio, responsible for nothing more and nothing less than Homeworld 3 o Minecraft Earth, we get a futuristic RTS proposal titled Crossfire: Legion. The title has the guarantee of the know-how of a studio that is used to dealing with gender. Under an atmosphere that alludes to a strongly militarized future, it presents us with an approach that is reminiscent of classic titles of the genre. The launch is planned for 2022 and PC.

11. PayDay 3

And we come to what, without a doubt, is one of the highlights of Koch Media, PayDay 3, the sequel to one of the video games with the longest running community on Steam. Now, the only thing we can tell you so far is that it is being developed by Starbrezze under UE4 and that is scheduled to premiere in 2023. The game has been announced for PC and consoles, but on the latter nothing has been confirmed, so it is possible that it is an intergenerational title, despite being scheduled in two years.

12. Vuelve Painkiller

And here is the one more thing from Koch herself, the return of Painkiller, of which we only know that it passes from the hands of People Can Fly (Outriders) to those of Saber Interactive, specialized in remasters, remakes and adaptations, which last year gave us the remastering of Crysis. The only thing that seems clear is that Doom has acted as a standard bearer for a type of shooter which a few years ago seemed completely abandoned.

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