Summer Sale on Steam: the best deals on strategy and simulation games

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The Summer Sales are still in place in Steam, which from Meristation we have been following in detail and offering you a large number of articles with selections of the best offers on the digital platform of Valve. From games to take an afternoon, to horror titles or others at ridiculous prices, the number of discounted games on Steam is enormous and that is why it is necessary to have a series of recommendations to get straight to the point of what we want. On this occasion, we are going to offer you a selection of games of eminently fish genres such as strategy and simulation.

Thus, if what we are looking for is to dominate the battlefield, we have proposals as diverse as several installments of the famous saga Total War, as well as others like Hearts of Iron IV O Iron Harvest. If in addition to battles we hope to control other aspects such as economy or diplomacy, we must recommend Stellaris or the immense and extremely demanding Europa Universalis IV, great representative of high strategy.

Meanwhile, we have several management simulators of multiple disciplines, from soccer to Football Manager 2021 to the trains of Railway Empire, passing through our own city in Cities Skylines.

The best discounts on strategy and simulation games

In short, we are going to discover the best offers in strategy and simulation games in the Steam Summer Sales, which still have a few days to go, until next day 8 specifically.

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