Super Mario 64 breaks all records and is sold at an exorbitant price at auction

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Being a collector is expensive, especially if you are looking for specific editions of retro titles. Super Mario 64 is one of the most recognized titles in history, so Nintendo has offered different methods to enjoy it on more current systems. However, original cartridges can vary in price drastically based on different aspects. Heritage Auction has sold a fully sealed unit that has managed to break all records – Buyer has paid $ 1,560,000 for him (more than 1,300,000 euros to change).

This is a factory copy with a 9.8 A ++ rating, which means this unit is practically intact and undamaged. The auction took place on July 11 and has broken all records because it is the game that has been paid the most in an auction. The previous record was set by another Nintendo video game a couple of days ago, when a copy of The Legend of Zelda The NES sold for $ 870,000.

The classics go up in price

These prices may seem incredible, but as time goes by, cartridges appreciate, especially when certain conditions are met, such as that the boxes are in good condition or that it is part of a more limited specific edition, which sometimes differs from the others only by a serial number. It remains to be seen whether or not we are facing a new bubble.

Super Mario 64 went on sale in 1996, accompanying the launch of Nintendo 64. Considered one of the best games in history, this 3D platform title that was able to serve as an example to numerous games of the genre, to the point of that its influence is still present in contemporary video games. The game returned to Nintendo Switch by the hand of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, already discontinued as it is a product designed solely for the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the saga.

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