“Super Mario and Friends Take Us Back to the Future”

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Make your Inner Child Happy with Hot Sale Discounts on Lego

Lego is a product that brings out the inner child in all of us. Whether we love video games, collectible figures, or building our favorite TV show or movie theme Lego set, we have good news for you! During Hot Sale week, Amazon is offering discounts on the most iconic Lego pieces, especially those geared towards entertainment lovers. The Lego name is an apocope of the Danish word “leg godt,” which means “play well,” and the founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, never imagined the mania that Lego would arouse in children and adults.

Lego Super Mario Construction Kit

The Lego Super Mario construction kit with 231 pieces is an excellent option for families to enjoy together. Based on the ‘Super Mario Bros: The Movie’ soundtrack, this Lego set is ideal to put together and have some fun.

LEGO Machine from Time Back to the Future DeLorean

The Back to the Future film series captivated a generation, and now you can own a Lego special edition of the ‘delorean’ car. The kit includes 1872 pieces and a miniature version of the characters Doctor Emmet Brown and Marty McFly.

LEGO Ideas Construction Kit: CENTRAL PERK

Friends fans can now own a replica of the famous cafe from the television series, complete with Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribianni, Phoebe Buffay, and Gunther mini-figures. The Lego Ideas construction kit is an excellent way for fans to remember and collect one of their favorite TV show’s scenes.

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LEGO Construction Kit 10281 Bonsai

Lego’s bonsai collection is an excellent option for people who love plants and greenery. The best-selling Bonsai construction kit has 848 pieces, and its appearance has been designed with two foliage options: build a bonsai with the cherry blossoms or foliage green. The Lego bonsai changes its appearance during the step of building the seasons.

LEGO Creator Expert Building Kit: Ford Mustang

Lego car collectors will love the Ford Mustang 1471 element building kit. This kit allows builders to create every part of the engine and transmission, and the wheels will also turn when you move the handlebars of the Lego car.


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During Hot Sale week, Amazon is offering discounts on iconic Lego pieces, including the Lego Super Mario construction kit, LEGO Machine from Time Back to the Future DeLorean, LEGO Ideas Construction Kit: CENTRAL PERK, LEGO Construction Kit 10281 Bonsai, and LEGO Creator Expert Building Kit: Ford Mustang. Additionally, bank promotions are available to make purchasing more manageable, and Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on millions of products with access to Prime Video and over 2 million songs ad-free with Prime Music.

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