Super Mario Bros. speedrunner sets spectacular new record

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Jump from platform to platform, catch the power-ups, smash an enemy and reach Bowser’s Castle. A few times, yes, in different phases, too, but at heart-stopping speed. That is what Crescendo has achieved, a speedrunner who has broken all previous records from Super Mario Bros., the NES classic. He has shown it in a video uploaded by himself, which you can see just below these lines.

The previous record was held by dodai, a speedrunner who managed to complete Super Mario Bros in just 14 minutes and 46 seconds, back in 2016. Crescendo has surpassed that mark and has reached the end in 11 minutes and 55 seconds. Indeed, except for last minute surprise, at the time the news is written is the person who has passed the classic the fastest. Unless someone has done it and has not recorded it anywhere, which is also a possibility.

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More than 40 hours of gameplay

“I started planning this run on May 29 and started making full attempts on the game on June 19,” Cresdendo explains in the video description. “I played in one hour sessions once or twice a day. I’ve been trying for a total of 40 hours. ”As he explains, his talents as a musician may have helped him achieve the feat.

They say in Eurogamer that the speedrunner has had to count the seconds very precisely to perform the jumps to perfection. In addition, it has used fireballs to measure certain distances.

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Super Mario Bros originally came out on NES, although Nintendo has marketed it in many other later systems. Although the Switch does not have a virtual console like other previous platforms, the title is available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online catalog, the console’s subscription service.

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