Super Smash Bros. Ultimate confirms Sora (Kingdom Hearts) as their final fighter

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In the last few hours, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, has heated up the machine of anticipation. The Japanese said that presentation of the last fighter it would be worth it, regardless of whether or not you play the video game. The cards have been uncovered and it has been the creative himself who has revealed that the final character who will join the roster of fighters is nothing more and nothing less than Sora, from Kingdom Hearts. And when will we handle it? The release date is scheduled for October 19.

The square enix character debuted on the PlayStation 2 generation and has starred in numerous installments in the series. The most recent main installment, Kingdom Hearts 3, went on sale for PS4 and Xbox One, but it has also seen the light on Xbox One. Sakurai has revealed that Sora is the most requested character by users, although it has taken a long time to add him . On the other hand, he has said that in this version we will be able to hear both the original voice in Japanese and the dubbing in English.

The new Mii suits have also been unveiled. Besides Octoling (wig) and Judd (hat), the star is undoubtedly the DOOM hunter, Slayer.

Two character packs available

The expansion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate began with the Fighters Pass Vol. 1, a content pack that includes five wrestlers, each with their respective stages and corresponding musical pieces. Although they can be purchased separately (5.99 euros), those who prefer to get hold of all the applicants can do so for 24.99 euros. They include Joker (Persona), Hero (Dragon Quest), Banjo & Kazooie, Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury), and Byleth (Fire Emblem).

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Not happy with that extension of the character template, Nintendo announced the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 (29.99 euros), which according to Sakurai will be the last. In total, six additional characters. For this new wave of fighters, those from Kyoto opted for Pyra and Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2), Sefirot (Final Fantasy VII), Steve and Alex (Minecraft), Min Min (ARMS) and Kazuya (Tekken).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went on sale in 2018 for Nintendo Switch. Following the publication of paid fighter passes and other free updates, the end of the journey has arrived. At least that’s what Sakurai has assured, who also stressed that this project has been going on for many years.

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