Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: its director does not like to star in memes

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Internet memes are born, go viral and are used to express a feeling or an idea. Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, recently chatted with Katsuhiro Harada, the father of the Tekken series. Taking advantage of the Kazuya and company crossover, Harada’s Bar has welcomed Sakurai for a new YouTube show recorded from Harada’s bar, which is located in some unknown place in Tokyo. At one point in the conversation, the dialogue has focused on memes, at which point the also responsible for Kirby has made it clear that he does not like to star in them.

Misrepresented meme

Harada has asked him about the Never ask me for anything again meme, in which Sakurai’s face appears and her index finger is raised. However, the Japanese creative never spoke those words. “As in Internet memes, this phrase usually appears in your photographs”, He reminded him, all this while affirming that the context has disappeared and that the phrase is currently attributed to him without him having uttered it. In his Twitter bio, he simply notes that he cannot answer fan questions.

“I want you to stop using my face or that icon to say whatever you want to say, even if it’s a joke,” Sakurai argues. “You should not use other people’s power for your own principles.“, has added”.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, recently received update 12.0.0, which prepares the game for all the content that comes with the new fighter. Thus, the players have also been able to become Kazuya, one of the main characters of Tekken and the penultimate fighter that will be part of the Fighter Pass Vol. 2. The next member of the squad has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be the last, since in principle there are no plans for a Fighter Pass Vol. 3.

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