Superfluous or ingenious: curious China gadgets for less than 30 euros

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In this gadget-themed guide, we’ll show you some of the products we’ve stumbled upon recently at Banggood and Aliexpress.

The cheap ones are at least as practical Grill and cooking gloves which can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees. The gloves, which are available from less than 10 euros, are easy to grip and keep out significantly more heat than the classic pot holder or cooking glove. At Amazon they cost heat-resistant gloves around 15 to 20 euros.

The air pressure corkscrew for less than 5 euros is much more unusual. Instead of mechanical forces, this variant relies on air pressure. It remains to be seen whether this is better or more practical than a conventional opener. This unusual gadget is definitely an eye-catcher at the next sociable evening.

There are also tons of more or less useful gadgets for pets. Among other things, there is the fully automatic laser tower for the entertainment of cats. The moving laser point magically attracts the cats and ensures movement and fun from 15 euros. But it can be much wackier. There is the one that can be recharged via USB wriggling fish for about 5 euros. This entertains the cat and ensures astonished looks.

the remote controlled rc mouse, which is also available from just under 15 euros, occupies both the cat and its owner. This RC gadget is currently even available on Amazon from 10 €. The electric hairdryer for dogs and cats is not for entertainment, but for the care of your four-legged friends. The combination of fur brush and hairdryer is available from around 15 euros.

Aquarium owners also get cheap helpers from China. There are time-controlled automatic feeders from 15 euros. These feed the fish at preset times – even if you are out of the house for a few days. At Amazon they are Fish feed vending machine with 20 to 30 euros about twice as expensive.

At Banggood un Co. you can find RFID locks for cabinet doors and drawers from 13 euros. There are those at Amazon Furniture locks from around 20 euros available. The retrofit solution for the desk or the candy drawer enables furniture to be locked that was not actually intended for it. The good thing about this solution: it cannot be seen from the outside and is easy to retrofit. RFID key fobs or cards are used for opening.

If you prefer to use a classic padlock, you can also get a gadget variant with an integrated fingerprint sensor. The model Blitzwolf BW-FL1 is available, for example, from a European warehouse for just under 23 euros. At Amazon they are Locks that can be opened with a fingerprint but only slightly more expensive.

RC toys for young and old are a real gadget classic.Remote-controlled toys are available from China at absolutely ridiculous prices. And the selection of remote-controlled models is huge and in some cases extremely unusual. How about one, for example RC boat in the design of a crocodile head? The somewhat dubious gag for the quarry pond and pool is available with two batteries for less than 20 euros with delivery from a European warehouse. The counterpart that remote controlled shark fin, are available from around 30 euros. Our guide to crazy RC toys shows classic RC models for use on land, in the air and in the water. We also have specific guides on cheap RC boats and fast RC cars.

There are also many cheap offers for motorists. There are in particular the retrofit head-up displays for cars. These project speed, direction and other information directly onto the windshield and the driver can concentrate fully on the road. While the cheapest models only work together with a smartphone, the high-quality HUDs work directly with the vehicle data from the car’s OBD port. the Banggood offers variants with an OBD interface from around 20 euros. If you want to find out more about the differences between the HUDs, you should take a look at our comparison test for head-up displays from 20 euros.

Not everything that is cheap is automatically nonsensical. Inexpensive Chinese gadgets such as retro consoles, toys for pets or the RFID furniture lock make perfect sense and are also used privately by us.

Some of the products, such as the RC crocodile or the measuring spoon with scales, are, in our opinion, more suitable as a gag or funny gift. Worse still: Anyone who causes panic at the quarry pond should not only clash with the bathers.

A regular look at the Gadgets by Banggood or Aliexpress is still worth it. In addition to curious gifts, there are many inexpensive helpers for everyday life here.

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