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Superman fans chose the best villain

The world of comics usually generates endless debates that even transcend and reach productions such as The Big Bang Theory O How I met your mother. Each follower of the comics has their own way of arguing when defending a position about their favorite superhero, and often the most democratic way to decide who is right is through voting.

This was the case for choosing the best villain of Superman, through a survey presented in one of the notes made in Spoiler. There they talked about who had been the most lethal villain in the saga, with an emphasis on what was done by Doomsday in the 1992 publication called The death of Superman. It was this cartoon that helped him Zack Snyder to build your Snyderverse.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster they created Kal-el in 1938 and since then countless villains have appeared. Ra’s Al Ghul, Blackrock, Lex Luthor O Darkseid are some of the many villains who crossed the path of Superman. For the more than 2,100 fans who voted in the poll, the best of them all was Lex Luthor (perhaps the best known), which received 38% of the votes. He was portrayed in the cinema by figures such as Jesse Eisenberg and Kevin Spacey.

The villains podium of Superman It was completed by two characters who were popularized in recent years thanks to Snyder. First was Darkseid, with 31%, and then it was Doomsday, which was chosen by almost one in five of the participants. Among Zod, Mister Mxyzptlk and Anti-Monitor they added up to less than 15%.

Michael B. Jordan works on Superman

It has been rumored for many months that Michael B. Jordan I had everything agreed to be the new Superman. In repeated interviews, the actor chose to say that he knew nothing when everything was practically defined. This week the presence of the actor from Creed in a new series produced for HBO Max and centered on the universe of Kal-el.

Jordan will produce a fiction about Val-Zod, an alternate version of the known hero of the universe, Clark Kent, who was given life by figures like Henry Cavill O Christopher Reeve. The character is another survivor of Krypton and it is not yet known who will be in charge of playing him. Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters, scriptwriters of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, were chosen to write this story.

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