Superman & Lois: first trailer of a season 2 that promises strong emotions

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Superman & Lois, one of the most successful The CW series of recent times and which has had a larger budget than usual in the chain, shares the first trailer of its second season that will arrive very soon. So much so, that the new episodes of the television Superman of Tyler Hoechlin will premiere on the channel The CW for the United States from next January 11, 2022, with the most likely emission to the rest of the world through HBO Max the next day, including Spain with its usual dubbing.

The New Adventures of Television Superman

Thus, fans of the Iron Man can look forward to a new and long season with the new adventures of Superman from the Tyler Hoechlin and the rest of the series’ usual cast, that is, Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane and the married couple’s children, Jonathan and Jordan Kent, played by Jordan Elsass Y Alexander Garfin. Will also return Wolé Parks as John Henry Irons after the open ending of the first season.

And it is that this first trailer that you can see heading this news lets us see 1 minute of unreleased footage of what this season 2 of Superman & Lois has in store for us, with a Superman who will have to face intense and dangerous challenges both within and outside of his family environment. And it is that the sudden appearance of the daughter of Irons It will cause a series of tense situations due to the young woman’s mistrust towards the figure of Superman, who in his reality devastated humanity.

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Of course the classics will not be missing superhero feats of Superman around the world, helping humanity through all kinds of dangerous mishaps; Special mention to the submarine scene that appears in the trailer and that will surely satisfy lifelong Superman fans.

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