Superman Up in the sky. Answering why the man of steel is who he is

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Award-winning DC Comics screenwriter Tom King and star cartoonist Andy Kubert bring us an adventure in which Superman shines in all its glory, making it clear, because it is the first and most important of superheroes.

A girl has been kidnapped and taken into space. The world cannot do without Superman for long. But when Kal El promises something, he fulfills it, and he will save everyone, or he will fall for it. King and Kubert review all the values ​​that define the first superhero in history in a brilliant, intelligent, action-packed work with one main idea: Make it clear what makes Superman Superman.

Superman can’t save everyone, but he will never stop trying, his unshakable faith drives him to do so. And when a girl is kidnapped by aliens, she must decide between saving that one life and leaving the planet unguarded for a while, or letting others take care of the matter, and have it resolved. But it’s Superman, he will never stop trying. The cosmic journey of the hero with the S on his chest will take him to the corners of a dark, evil universe, sometimes illogical, but with hope, with his faith, his light, he can always improve.

Tom King has long been a DC star, and every time he touches a character he reviews his psychology, he uncovers the primal soul that animates him. In the case of Superman, he leaves a job that makes one thing clear. Superman is light, he is hope, he is the promise that everything can be better if you try hard, he is Samson, Apollo, Lugh, a brighter and better tomorrow. King does not stop exploring anything about the character, in each installment he analyzes what has made Superman grow, and above all, preserve that illusion and initial naivety that Siegel and Shuster put in him.

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Each chapter is a challenge, sometimes intellectual, sometimes physical, but it is in the metaphysical and psychic ones where we see what it is to be Superman, and there the screenwriter makes an effort to make it clear that Clark suffers like everyone else for his loved ones, he has obligations, and he takes responsibility for his actions, he is light in the face of darkness, and he is not afraid of being so. If something makes clear in his text King, is that Superman is going to try to help everyone, will he succeed? “Do not. But I’m going to try “ the character responds in the final chapter.

If words are powerful, Andy Kubert turns them into a very powerful narrative. He interprets King’s texts with skill, narrating everything with mastery, and leaving many details to the reader, so that he can see that not only what counts is important, it shows much more, and many times, it is the smile that leaves on the face of the reading it. Veteran and star Kubert handles himself in the superhero world as he wants, but in this case, he tries to make it clear that this is a comic, and that despite King’s precious and precise texts, without the drawing, they would only be white on black. He breathes a spirit into them that gives light and color to those letters that tell a story, make them come true.

One of the most anticipated works of DC in our country, it does not disappoint anyone. Powerful, inspiring, beautiful, we could give it a thousand qualifiers, but in the end, the most perfect definition is the simplest, it is a comic of Superman being Superman in all his splendor, being hope.

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