Surgeon amputates a healthy leg from a patient in Austria and is fined $ 3,000

A court in the Austrian city of Linz has decided this Wednesday to fine a surgeon, who amputated the wrong leg of a patient, with 2,700 euros (about $ 3,050) and has awarded a compensation of 5,000 euros (about $ 5,650) to the the man’s widow, who died before the process began, informs the local newspaper Kurier.

The doctor was accused of committing gross negligent bodily harm: she marked the wrong leg before the operation and amputated the right leg, instead of the left, of an 82-year-old patient. The events occurred on May 18 at a clinic in the town of Freistadt. The bug was discovered 2 days later.

The surgeon He declared in court that his actions were “a human error”, adding that it was not just an individual failure, but an accumulation of errors in the chain of control in the operating room. When asked in court why he had marked the right leg, rather than the left, he replied: “I just don’t know.”

The sentence is not yet final, since the surgeon may appeal to a higher court.

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