Surprise and secrecy at the meeting of Alberto Fernández with referents from the Frente de Todos

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President Alberto Fernández arrived at the Casa Rosada shortly after 10. Surprisingly, because it was not on the activities agenda, they arrived Martín Guzmán, Wado de Pedro, Sergio Massa, Máximo Kirchner and Martín Insaurralde. All were active in two meetings that were held in parallel at the request of the head of state, amid an unusual secrecy. Nobody knew of this in the corridors of the Government House.

At first it was speculated that the call would have to do with the preparation of economic announcements for this week. However, at the end, learned that a meeting was requested by the President to prop up the electoral campaign with a view to Sunday, November 14. The other, in his office, the tension in Mercosur.

At the same time, on the one hand, in the office of the President were the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman; that of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas; The chancellor Santiago Cafiero and the secretary of International Economic Relations, Cecilia Todesca. They analyzed the complicated scenario that Mercosur is going through, where friction has recently appeared between the member countries.

On the other hand, in the office of the Minister of the Interior, Peter’s WadoThe Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur, met; the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa; the deputy Máximo Kirchner; the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof and his chief of staff, Martín Insaurralde. Theme: election campaign for November 14. Both meetings were requested by Alberto Fernández.

Previously, Massa, Manzur and Kicillof met alone to analyze and finalize the details of Minister Domínguez’s hearing with the rural entities for the measures related to the stocks for the export of meats.

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At that point, the only issue that emerged was the Government’s vocation to promote a Industrialization law of the rural sector, that basically what it raises are tax benefits for those who produce and export. In other words, the more you produce and the more you export, the prize that the State gives you is tax benefits compared to those that produce and export fewer products.

Strengthening the campaign for November 14

Beyond the surprise and the content of the meeting at the Ministry of the Interior, it was a gesture from Alberto Fernández de summon the main actors of the Frente de Todos (Massa, Máximo Kirchner, Manzur and Kicillof) to align and define the priorities of the November electoral campaign. The main spokespersons of the Government emphasize the importance of unifying positions, leaving behind the fights and internal not so far away.

In injury time to the crucial general election, where an attempt will be made to reverse the defeat that occurred in the PASO on September 12, President Alberto Fernández took the first formal step with the new board that left the internal shock and the new armed one in the Cabinet. That is why the convocation of the main actors of the ruling political space. Did the meeting at the Casa Rosada cause surprise? Yes. The secrecy with which the meeting was held? Too.

As the grandmothers would say, “much ado About Nothing”.

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