Surprise in the Andalusian Parliament: a mouse appeared and they had to suspend the session

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Legislators suspended the session

A unexpected visitor had the last session in the Parliament of Andalusia, Spain. Everything was going normally until the President of the body screamed and covered her mouth, alerting the legislators.

Nobody knew exactly what was going on, until they discovered that a mouse. Many jumped from their seats and others left the place forcing adjourn.

The image toured Spain, led to all kinds of comments. Those present tried to corner the small animal, a task that took them several minutes but in the end they were able to catch him and the debate resumed. The truth is that what they were dealing with went to the background because the real issue was the visit of the mouse.

A few days ago another animal was the protagonist of a video that went viral and also happened in Spain. A conductor circulating in his vehicle in the middle of the highway, wanted to do a joke asking a cow which way to go to get to the beach, without imagining that she would reply with a head movements indicating the right direction.

The funny sequence was filmed by the driver’s companion who was also on board the vehicle. In it you can see that four cows walk on the side of the platform. At one point, the man behind the wheel stops the car next to one of them to make a joke and in a funny tone asks one of the animals a question

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“Good afternoon, sorry, for Bologna?”, Says the man referring to the Tarifa beach, Cádiz. What I did not expect is that the cow was going to react that way.

Vaca shows a driver the way (Video: @javiebenitez).

The animal in front stands and looks at the driver. Without changing his gesture one iota, the cow looks back and raises its muzzle, as indicating they were on the right track as their head is turned in the direction where the car is heading.

“There. Come on thanks”, The driver replied with a laugh and greeted her with his hand, surprised by the response he had received. “Good, man, olé you, olé. What a good people you are, vaquita”, The copilot yells without being able to stop laughing.

The video takes days spreading through social networks for what it reached thousands of views and reactions, well the cow not only shows unusual behavior, consequence of a coincidence, but also triumphs on the internet as a ‘cow very good people’.

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