Surprise! James Gunn won’t be the only director of Peacemaker

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Peacemaker will have eight episodes and a single season initially. Of these, James Gunn confirmed that he will direct five, another three directors are in the project.

The series of Peacemaker, the first that DC will offer to HBO Max as part of their alliance, so some details have been revealed. Not everything is known about the plot, the cast, or much more, but the basics are known. It will work as a jun spin-off to The Suicide Squad, the publisher’s next film. In addition, it will be directed by the same person as said film, James Gunn.

The writer has said enough about the tone and layout of the content. Recently, through him, the study reported that there would be a total of eight episodes in a single season, initially. However, this will be subject to renewal as it exceeds expectations.

Thus, in order to maintain command of creativity, Gunn agreed to create five of the chapters, but will not be directly in front of the other three. Other developers were included in the ‘pool’ to support it, each one will direct a different piece.

Jody Hill will take the lead position on set in one of these. For its part, Brad Anderson Y Rosemary Rodríguez They will also join the team. This last pair was related to other projects in the superhero universe such as Titans Y Jessica Jones.

The news of the inclusion of each of them to the production group was initially reported by the media The Ronin.

However, it should be noted that the chief director wrote the entire series, so he will surely be involved in the fragments that he does not direct directly.

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On the other hand, his other work, The Suicide Squad, has not stopped being highly commented, now it was the turn of David Dastmalchian. The actor will give life to Polka-Dot Man and he referred to the way in which the creative has taken advantage of the R classification.

“It’s James unleashed … [Hay] some moments that are like, hilariously, ‘Shit, a head exploded.’ Yes, some heads will absolutely explode. There will be brains in this chamber “, he mentioned.

Finally, while The Suicide Squad will premiere in August 2021, Peacemaker will hit the streaming catalog of HBO in early 2022.

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