“Surprising Revelation: Vladimir Putin’s admiration for Elton John’s music revealed”

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Vladimir Putin’s Love for Elton John’s Music

The 70-year-old Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is known for his interest in music, and it seems that he is a fan of the iconic musician, Elton John. Putin sends his best wishes to the ‘Rocket Man’ singer on his birthday every year via WhatsApp, despite Russia’s persecution of the LGBTQ+ community.

David Furnish, Elton’s husband, revealed in an interview with The Guardian that he receives a message from the Russian health minister on every March 25, saying, “I just want to wish Elton a happy birthday, and we wish him all the best and love.” It’s a strange paradox given Russia’s anti-LGBTQ+ stance. David even joked saying, “I always make sure if there’s an attachment, I never open it.”

He added that Putin once called his landline to apologize to Elton after a pair of pranksters pretended to be the Russian leader in 2015. Putin was so distraught that he wanted to call in person and say sorry. David recalled, “The whole house froze. Vladimir Putin is calling your home landline, in perfect English. He simply said, ‘I’m sorry someone called you and pretended to be me because you don’t deserve to be pranked or treated like this. And I heard you’d like to sit down and meet me and talk to me sometime. I’d love that, I’d love to talk to you.”

However, Elton John attacked Putin over his 2019 claim that Russia “had no problem” with LGBTQ+ people. In a series of tweets, Elton wrote, “Dear President Putin, I was very upset when I read your recent interview in the Financial Times. I strongly disagree with his view that the implementation of policies that embrace multicultural and sexual diversity is obsolete in our societies. He finds duplicity in Putin’s comment that he wants LGBT people “to be happy” and that “we have no problem with that.” Elton also criticized the Russian distributors for censoring his biopic “Rocketman” and removing all references to his 25-year relationship with David and their children.

Elton concluded by saying, “I am proud to live in a part of the world where our governments have evolved to recognize the universal human right to love whoever we want. And I am truly grateful for the advancement in government policies that legally allowed and supported my marriage to David. This has brought us both tremendous comfort and happiness.”

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