Susan Arnold, the first woman to assume the Disney presidency

Susan Arnold For 20 years she has been considered one of the most powerful and influential women in the business world. His name appears regularly in the lists compiled by Fortune, Forbes O Wall Street Journal.

From December 31 next, it will become the first woman to take over the reins of The Walt Disney Company. She will be the new chairwoman of the company’s Board, ending a nearly half-century tradition of men at the helm of the American entertainment giant.

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Susan Arnold, a veteran American executive who loves surfing

Arnold was born in 1954 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is fond of surfing and has two children.

In the business area, he spent most of his business career at the multinational consumer goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G).

There he began to work in the 80s of the last century and was climbing positions within the company until reaching the presidency of the Global Business Unit in 2007.

Before arriving at that position, her specialty within the company was the division of cosmetic and health products, especially feminine beauty. In that area he held various positions of responsibility.

According EFEAfter leaving Procter & Gamble, he passed through the fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s Corporation, where he served on the Board of Directors between 2008 and 2016.

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He also served on the Board of NBTY, the food supplement company now known as The Bountiful Company, between 2013 and 2017. In parallel, he served on the Disney Board since 2007.

For the past eight years, she served as an operations executive for investment and capital management firm The Carlyle Group.

Her work is also known for promoting women in the business world, which she led for years as part of the executive committee of Catalyst, a non-profit organization dedicated to this end.

What will be the main challenges facing the new Disney president Susan Arnold?

The inauguration of Arnold as the new president of the Disney Board will lead to the departure of the veteran strongman of the firm Bob Iger, appointed in February 2020 as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Disney’s Creative Projects after more than 15 years as CEO.

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During Iger’s tenure, Disney acquired Pixar (2006), Marvel (2009), Lucasfilm (2012) and 21st Century Fox (2019). In addition, the first Disney theme park in mainland China -the Shanghai Disney Resort- was inaugurated in 2016 and films such as “Avengers: Endgame” (“Avengers: Endgame”, 2019), “Frozen” (2013) or “Black Panther ”(2018).

Now, Arnold must continue with the company’s commitment to its streaming content platform Disney+, which was the great savior of Disney accounts during the worst months of the covid-19 pandemic and is considered a strategic element for the future.

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