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Susan Lucci Shares Why She Turned Down ‘Golden Bachelorette’

Soap icon Susan Lucci recently provided an update on her heart health and shared why she declined an offer to star in Golden Bachelorette.

Susan Lucci, known for her role in All My Children, serves as a National Ambassador for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement. She has personal experience with severe heart issues. In 2018, she underwent open-heart surgery after experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath and back pain. Doctors discovered a significant blockage in her heart and inserted a stent.

Susan Lucci
Susan Lucci/Credit: YouTube

In 2022, Lucci required another heart surgery due to additional blockages. She told Entertainment Tonight (ET) that the initial incident nearly cost her life.

“Had I not gone there, I was told the next day when I was checked out that I 99.9 percent would’ve had the widow-maker.”

While All My Children was canceled over a decade ago, Lucci continues to be a beloved figure for soap fans. In a recent interview with ET to promote an upcoming Apple+ project with Jonah Hill, Keanu Reeves, and Cameron Diaz titled Outcome, she shared that she feels healthier than ever. She emphasized the importance of women prioritizing their health, as heart attack symptoms are often ignored by women.

Lucci faced another personal challenge in 2022 when her husband of over 50 years passed away weeks after her heart surgery. She married Helmut Huber in 1969, and together they raised two children.

“He always made me laugh and he was always there for me — he was a rock and very secure,” Lucci said of her late husband. When asked if she is ready to date again, she told ET that she “can’t imagine” dating anyone else so soon after losing her husband.

Earlier this year, rumors circulated that Lucci was in talks to be the first Golden Bachelorette. Lucci confirmed that the network contacted her manager about the opportunity. However, she turned it down, and the role eventually went to Joan Vassos.

Joan Vassos via Youtube
Joan Vassos via Youtube

The new season of Golden Bachelorette will premiere this fall, and the former AMC star will be among its viewers. When asked why she turned down the role, she reiterated that it simply wasn’t for her.

“I think I’m just a fan… it wasn’t for me but it’s something that I do love to watch.”

Source: TV Shows Ace