Sustainability seal: Fairphone 4 can adorn itself with the “Blue Angel”

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The smartphone from the Netherlands, which was presented at the end of September and comes with a five-year guarantee and a promise of a long supply of software updates and spare parts, has received the official environmental label of the federal government. The manufacturer announced this on Tuesday. It remains the only cell phone manufacturer who is allowed to present the sustainability seal for two models of its cell phone range.

In 2016 the Dutch had the Blue angel already received for the Fairphone 2. Cell phones must meet the extensive criteria Award criteria DE-UZ 106 meet in order to be allowed to wear the mark. These are developed by the Federal Environment Agency and regularly checked. The entire life cycle of a product is always included in the evaluation.

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Smartphones must therefore be durable, energy-saving, tested for harmful substances, low-radiation and recyclable. A replaceable battery is compulsory and a number of chemicals are prohibited. The warranty period must be at least 2 years, which the Fairphone 4 clearly exceeds. A separate take-back system for old devices is also necessary. When assembling the cell phone, the ILO core standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) must be observed.

So far, the Federal Environment Ministry has awarded the “Blue Angel” to 20,000 environmentally friendly and sustainable products from more than 1,600 companies. Fairphone Head of Design Miquel Ballester hopes that the new certificate will also “raise awareness of the sustainability problems in the electronics industry – and their solutions.” The company is keen to “inspire the entire industry to manufacture more durable and environmentally friendly products”. For example, Fairphone uses Fairtrade gold, recycled plastics and other metals from special supply chains. Employees of the Chinese contract manufacturer receive a bonus.

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