Susy Díaz clarifies that she was detained by Migrations of Mexico for a case of homonymy | VIDEO – MAG.

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Susy diaz She had a live link with the program “América Espectáculos” and recounted the hell she experienced when she was detained in Migrations of Mexico on two occasions.

According to the former congresswoman, the first time she was detained in Migrations of Mexico was when she traveled to Cancun in September to celebrate her birthday with Walter Obregón.

“They had me in Immigration and a girl asks me why I had taken my passport the day before, I tell her that now it is customary that the passport is taken out six months before or they do not let you go to another country. At least that’s what the travel agency told me. From there it all started because this same girl told me that I had an alert and they took me, while Walter (Obregón) went (to Mexico) “, Susy counted for “América Hoy”.

“I was detained in Migrations in Cancun for about twelve hours. Well, I put up with everything because it was my birthday and I wanted to know Cancun … I told them that I was afraid for my next trip and they told me that it was a case of homonymy and they let me enter Cancun “he explained.

However, weeks passed and Susy Díaz had another trip planned in October with her friend Daysi Araujo. The destination of these new vacations was to Los Cabos in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Susy went through the restrictions before getting on the plane, but she lived again because of the same homonymy problem and she was held in Immigration.

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“They take me to Immigration, I leave them my document and they left me for about 4 hours with a lady who treated me like a dog or a criminal who wants to escape”, Diaz revealed.

The former congresswoman also said that Deysi Araujo, her companion, also went through reviews: “They searched all of her suitcase and even her silicones from Deysi, just because she was with me. She did enter Los Cabos and is sending me videos “.

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