Susy Díaz excited because she receives first dose of vaccine against COVID-19

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Susy diaz He showed up this morning at the Monumental Stadium, located in the ATE district, to receive his first dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The popular local celebrity character was quite excited before being inoculated.

The cameras of “Women in Command” accompanied Susy on this important day. “We are from the Monumental because today the vaccination of 56 and 57-year-olds begins,” said the reporter from before asking Susy some questions.

Díaz took advantage of the Latina cameras to thank the health personnel. “I am happy, happy because they are going to vaccinate me”, said the ex-congresswoman, notoriously excited. “We have health personnel, I thank you for such a welcome. There is not much public, everything is in order “, added.

Flor Polo’s mother was quite animated before being inoculated, and true to her style, she mentioned “the vaccine diet”. “The vaccine diet: if you don’t do it well I’ll leave you in one”, “Live life, don’t let life live you, life is only one,” Susy added while dancing.

In addition, Susy mentioned that she has been very careful and so far she has not caught the virus, despite the fact that she always goes out for work reasons.

“My first dose, I have taken good care of myself. I am a fairly responsible person, you have seen that I stop on all channels, but always taking care of myself, I have the blessing of God that until now the virus has not entered because I have always taken good care of myself “, he bounded.

After that, Susy Díaz was inoculated and mentioned that nothing hurt, she also thanked the health personnel. “I have not felt anything, the needle has been very small, nor tickled. Have you already vaccinated me? I did not feel anything. They have told me that I cannot move, but I am happy, thank you very much, thank you very much nothing has hurt me “he added.

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