Swears in the Chamber of Deputies: minute by minute and latest news

The swearing in of deputies will begin at 12 noon in the National Congress. Will renew 127 deputies and 24 senators, who will take office next Friday, December 10.

Victoria Tolosa Paz arrived with just enough to swear in Deputies

The deputy elected by the Frente de Todos of the province of Buenos Aires arrived on the hour to be sworn in.

The deputy elected by the Front of All in the Province of Buenos Aires Victoria Tolosa Paz He arrived minutes before the session begins in the Deputies swearing-in and did not speak to the press.

Martin Tetaz, in the preview of the swearing-in of deputies: “There is no rupture in the UCR”

The deputy elected by Together for Change in the City of Buenos Aires spoke of the rupture of the UCR.

In the previous swearing in of Deputies, Arroyo revealed that he asked the president “to be in the lower house.”

The former Minister of Development will return to the Chamber of Deputies.

Former Minister of Social Development Daniel Arroyo spoke about his role as a minister during the pandemic, prior to the swearing-in of Deputies. “I was the minister of the pandemic and I had to maintain social peace “, declared the elected deputy.

In turn, Arroyo acknowledged that he asked the president to return to the lower house: “I wanted to be in the lower house, I discussed it with the president. You have to work seriously. I come to do my bit ”.

Swears in Deputies: Del Caño anticipated that they will reject the pact with the IMF

The deputy elected by the Left Front rejected Argentina’s pact with the IMF.

The deputy elected by the Left Front In the province of Buenos Aires, he spoke of the pact with the IMF before the swearing-in of Deputies. “We are going to defend the mandate by which we came to this chamber. On December 11 we are going to do a mass mobilization at the national level to reject the pact with the IMF ”, declared.

In turn, the official who will renew his bench remarked: “In the congress they want to accept this pact and we we are going to propose an agenda that defends the workers ”.

Swears in Deputies: in full tension due to the fracture of the block, Karina Banfi came out to support Mario Negri and hit Lousteau: “He went out to break because he lost”

Deputy Karina Banfi spoke about the fracture in the block of Deputies of the UCR.

Minutes before the swearing in deputies begins, the national deputy for radicalism Karina Banfi spoke of the rupture of the sector of Martin Lousteau in radicalism. “I accompany Mario Negri as president of the bloc, I have been elected as vice president and I consider that he is the best of us to be able to lead the voice in Congress ”, said the deputy.

In his statements, Banfi also pointed out against Lousteau, a leader in the sector who broke the radical bloc: “He puts his personal interests and ambitions first, which are legitimate, but which were not accompanied by the rest of the block. Their decision was to break up because they lost ”.

In that sense, the deputy with a mandate in force until 2023 highlighted “The unit would have been much better, without a doubt. The most important thing is how to settle these differences in the political party of the UCR that we have the institutional resources to do it, and here in the congress defend the interests of the Argentines ”.

Minutes from the swearing-in in Deputies, Espert marked his proposals: labor reform and lowering of the age of accountability

The deputies elected by the Avanza Libertad front spoke before the swearing-in in Deputies.

In the preview of the swearing in Deputies, the deputy elected by the Avanza Libertad Front highlighted the main proposals that he will present in the lower house: “We want a budget without fiscal deficit, change the penal code to lower the age of accountability and that the penalties be effective ”.

“We are going to propose an educational reform, a strong reduction in taxes and a labor reform to end the work in black, “added the libertarian economist.

Shortly after the session in which he will be sworn in as a deputy for the first time begins, Espert said: “We are here to enact laws that solve people’s problems, that they make it to the end of the month, that they have a decent job, that they don’t kill her on her cell phone when they go out on the street ”.

In the previous of the swearing in Deputies, Milei declared that Argentina is in the background because “it does not have the capacity to pay”

The deputy elected by the Frente Avanza Libertad in the City of Buenos Aires spoke about the negotiation between Argentina and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), prior to the swearing in of Deputies. “The first problem is that Argentina has neither the ability to pay nor the willingness to pay”, declared the economist.

In turn, the deputy who will take office on December 10 added: “And the second problem is that to be solvent you have to make a fiscal adjustment, and if the adjustment has to fall on the working people, we do not agree ”.

“Argentina is in the international fund because it is an insolvent debtor, if the measures to be taken would be in line with what we think is that there is no fiscal deficit, Argentina would not have to go to the IMF “, Hill.

“My old woman is going to come”: Florencio Randazzo’s chicane in the preview of the swearing-in in Diputados

Florencio Randazzo surprised with a chicane before the swearing-in in Deputies.

The deputy elected by the front Let’s go with you in the province of Buenos Aires, Florencio RandazzoHe surprised with a funny comment in the previous swearing in Deputies.

How many new legislators are sworn in in the Chamber of Deputies

This Tuesday the elected deputies will be sworn in in the 2021 elections on November 14. 127 seats are renewed.

The Front of All has 118 stands and will continue to be the first minority of the enclosure, while Together for Change added a deputy to his coalition and has 116 seats. The provincial parties have 15 seats, and Advance Freedom it has 4, as does the Left Front.

At what time do the new deputies swear in and since when do they take their seats?

The session will begin at 10 in the morning but from 12 noon the swearing-in ceremony will begin.

The oath of the new deputies in Congress will be from 12 noon today Tuesday 7 december that they will assume their seats formally on Friday, December 10.

Swear in Deputies: how are the blocks of the new Chamber of Deputies of the Nation

With the entry of 127 new legislators after the last elections, the composition of the political forces changes in the Chamber of Deputies. The detail of each bench.

The Front of All (FDT) will enter 35 new legislators to Deputies. For its part, the main opposing force, Together for Change (JxC), will incorporate 46 new legislators.

They will also swear 4 representatives of the libertarians: José Luis Espert, Carolina Píparo (Buenos Aires), Javier Milei and Victoria Villarroel (CABA). To the left they will be from the game Romina del Pla and Nicolas del Caño (Buenos Aires), Myriam Bregman (Caba) and Alexander Vilca (Jujuy).

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