Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigns just hours after taking office

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigns just hours after taking office

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, has resigned this Wednesday, hours after being appointed, after the vote on the budgets has been settled with the proposal of the conservative opposition.

In a statement, the Swedish Parliament has detailed that the Presidency of the Parliament has accepted Andersson’s request for resignation and has clarified that “it will now contact the party leaders to discuss the situation.”

The ‘yes’ of the comrades of Andersson’s Social Democratic Party and the Green Party has allowed her to add 174 votes in favor to be appointed, the same that the conservative opposition has managed to add. The Swedish parliamentary system establishes that it is enough that there are no more votes against than in favor, so Andersson has finally been proclaimed to applause and visibly moved.

However, following the budget vote, the Green Party has withdrawn from the government coalition that supported Andersson. The “no” of the Center Party to the budget project of the ruling coalition has left without the necessary votes to carry out the public accounts.

On the other hand, with 154 votes in favor and 143 against, the project presented by the conservative opposition, which Andersson would be obliged to apply, has gone ahead.

“According to constitutional practice, a coalition government must resign when a party leaves,” Andersson said at a press conference, where he also assured that he “did not” want to lead a government “where their” legitimacy “is questioned. the newspaper Sydsvenskan.

As he has clarified, he aspires to return to the post of prime minister with a “pure” social democratic government, although he has acknowledged that it may be something “complicated”.

The Green Party Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, Per Bolund, has indicated that he “fully understands” that it may seem “complicated” that the formation has supported Andersson in the morning and in the afternoon “has changed his mind”, but has affected that the decision “depends on the vote of the budgets.”

“This is a stormy moment,” lamented Bolund, according to the newspaper. Aftonbladet. “We are surprised and outraged by the actions of the Center Party,” he continued, before noting that “the political games” of recent times have been “culminated” during the day. “For us, politics is not just a game,” he added.

Andersson, the first woman to lead a government in Sweden, had headed the Finance Ministry since 2014, but her name was already sounding like a favorite when outgoing Prime Minister Steffan Lofven announced in August that he would step away from the political front line so that his party could prepare for the September 2022 elections.

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