“Sweet Escape: Beach, Nature and Chocolate Cake for Your Dreamy Post-Wedding Celebration”

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Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Álamo – a honeymoon in paradise

Kiko Matamoros (66 years old) and Marta López Álamo (26 years old) got married a week ago, on June 2, in the Basilica of San Miguel in Madrid. The couple celebrated their wedding with over 240 guests at the Ritz Hotel. They have now left for their honeymoon, seeking peace and tranquility in an unknown destination.

The newlyweds have chosen a paradisiacal place full of nature, sun, and beach to disconnect from their daily lives. Although they haven’t disclosed the name of the site, there are details of what they are doing. Judging by the images they have shared on social media, the honeymoon destination seems to have a great peaceful atmosphere.

Marta López Álamo, an influencer, has shared a beautiful posed photo with her new husband with a stunning sunset in the background. She has also posted stories on Instagram, some in which they were surrounded by nature, and she was seen wearing a bikini. Moreover, she shared a video breaking a piece of a small cake chocolate that said “Happy married life.”

Kiko Matamoros has shared a photo of him reading a book in the midst of nature. In the caption, he recommended the author and the book, “Dry, hard and direct, that’s the language of Juan Vilá, under which tons of feeling and tenderness are hidden. My discovery of the year has been as difficult as it is rare.”

The couple has not revealed if they plan to make more trips and how long they plan to stay on their honeymoon. It is unclear if this is their final destination or just the first stop. However, Kiko had stated earlier that it was difficult for him to think about the destination for the post-wedding trip, as he had already traveled to several places with Marta, such as New York, Dubai, Tulum in Mexico, Colombia, and Marrakech, where they celebrated their bachelor party.

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For now, the couple is enjoying their honeymoon in a stunning location, enjoying each other’s company and celebrating their new life together as husband and wife. We wish them all the happiness in the world and look forward to seeing more of their romantic adventures.

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