Sweet Home Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

Sweet Home Season 2

Netflix has fueled the interest of its K-Drama fans with its original Korean dramas and series. Sweet Home is a horror survival drama based on a webtoon of the same name from Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-Chan.

Sweet Home generated positive reviews after airing on December 18, 2020. But unfortunately, the first season of Sweet Home ended in a cliffhanger with so many unsolved riddles. Hence, fans are already demanding the Sweet Home Season 2. But, what is on the cards? Will fans get to see Sweet Home Season 2 soon? Or do they need to wait for more?

A little precap

Sweet Home' Season 2: Netflix Renewal Still Pending Despite Reports -  What's on Netflix

Sweet Home season 1 starts after Cha Hyun Soo, a young high school student, starts his life in an apartment after leaving home. He meets other tenants like Pyeon Sang-Wook, Seo Yi-Kyung, Lee Eun-hyuk, Jung Jae-heon, Lee Eun-you, and others. However, their peaceful life is disturbed when mysterious monsters start killing people in the city. As a result, all the inhabitants are locked in the apartment.

All the inhabitants gather under the leadership of Lee Eun-hyuk and start to fight for their lives. At the end of the season, Lee Eun-hyuk is buried under the apartment rubble, seemingly dead. Sang Wook was dead in the pool. Cha Hyun-soo and others’ fate is also unknown.

With so many loose ends and an unknown fate, fans are eager to know how the remaining survivors will fight to save their lives.

When will the Sweet Home Season 2 be released?

Sweet Home' Ending, Explained — Will There Be a 'Sweet Home' Season 2?

Sweet Home Season 1 debuted in 2020. More than one year has passed, and there is still no news about any second season. The South Korean News portal JTBC had said that the shooting of Sweet Home Season 2 had probably started.

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Another source reported Soompi that the lead actor Song Kang was in talks with Netflix for a probably Sweet Home Season 2. However, a representative of Namoo Actors, the handling agency of Song Kang, had stated, “It is true that we are in discussions about it, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

This news was out on December 23, 2021. Fans were excited to see their favorite stars on screen again.

But Netflix has not confirmed anything about the Sweet Home season 2. Instead, Netflix’s official sources claim, “Nothing has been decided yet regarding the production of [“Sweet Home”] Season 2“.Moreover, the OTT platform also denied any recent development.

But, Netflix is known to keep things under the carpet and suddenly release updates regarding any show.

On top of that, the original Webtoon also has more than 140 episodes, and there is huge scope to introduce a second season.

Hence, fans can keep their hope alive for a much anticipated Sweet Home Season 2. But let’s wait till Netflix brings out anything official related to this matter.

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic also halted a lot of production issues. Hence, there is no confirmed news on the release date of Sweet Home Season 2.

The plot of Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home' Ending, Explained — Will There Be a 'Sweet Home' Season 2?

There are multiple loose ends, and Season 2 can proceed by slowly solving all those loose ends. After all, the Webtoon offers enough plot for a season 2 from where the season 1 Netflix K-drama left off.

Interestingly, A Reddit user claimed that Season 2 might not follow the Webtoon and bring up a fully original story instead.

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But, if you carefully check out Netflix’s trend with K-dramas or web shows based on webtoons or comics or mangas, the series usually follows the original plot with some differences in character design or plot development. But, overall, the contents remain the same.

So, nothing is clear yet, and it is better to remain patient for this due time.

 Sweet Home Season 2 possible cast

As said before, it was rumored that Song Kong was in talks to reprise his role as the leader Caha Hyun Soo. Other regular cast members can also return if this drama gets a second season renewal. The possible cast for Sweet Home Season 2 is-

  • Song Kong as Chas Hyun Soo
  • Lee JinWook as SangWook
  • Go Min-Si as Eun Lee
  • Kim NamGee as Jeong JaeHeon
  • Park GyuYoung as Yoon Ji Soo
  • Lee SiYoung as Seo Young;
  • Lee DoHyun as Lee EunHyuk
  • Go Min-Si as Eun Lee
  • Kim KapSoo ae Ahn GilSeop
  • Goo YoonJung as Park YuRi
  • Kim SangHo as Han DuSik


Since there is no information from Netflix’s official sources, fans may need to wait for some more months to get confirmed news. Till then, keep in touch to know other interesting news related to entertainment!

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