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Swifties Criticize Julia Roberts for Handsy Moment with Travis Kelce in Dublin

Swifties Criticize Julia Roberts for Handsy Moment with Travis Kelce in Dublin

Between the social media platforms this video is circulating on, we have some very different vibes on the interaction. Taylor Swift is in the thick of her European leg of the Eras Tour, and her NFL star, podcast co-host, and supportive boyfriend extraordinaire, Travis Kelce, has been in tow, attending many of the shows across the pond during his off-season.

Although Swift has left the land of the free, many American celebrities are going to Europe to see Swift’s show. During the most recent stop in Dublin, the Swifties are pulling out their claws to defend Swift and Kelce’s relationship, as Julia Roberts appears to be a little “handsy” during an interaction in the VIP tent.

This Twitter post showcases the interaction vividly. The video went viral on both X and TikTok, warranting a very different range of reactions between the two platforms. Roberts is seen patting and rubbing on Kelce’s chest and forearms while in the VIP tent before the start of the show, fully decked out in her beaded bracelets. Swifties took to Travis’ defense on Twitter, noting that the interaction was completely inappropriate and that Roberts was making him uncomfortable.

“She is clearly jealous.” “I feel bad for Travis :/ Clearly, he’s uncomfortable.” “Wtf is wrong with JR? Why is she scratching his chest and pushing herself into him?? He is so uncomfortable trying to push her off, and she holds him up. This is uber strange.” “Travis is taken, madam.” “I think she’s drunk.”

On the other hand, TikTok Swifties are saying how sweet the interaction is and that Roberts is giving off “great aunt energy,” showing her excitement for the couple. After rewatching the video, viewers note that when reading her lips, Roberts is sharing words of congratulations toward the couple and how thrilled she is for both of them.

“Omg she’s like a mom .. telling her son how happy she is.” “‘I’m just so happy for you guys.'” “Julia is old enough to be Trav’s mom. She loves the Chiefs and Taylor. She is just telling him how much she loves them. It is cuteness!” “Nah, I love it! It’s Julia Freaking Roberts! She can do no wrong! ” “His crinkly smiling eyes. He just seems so happy.” “Julia is just being an overly affectionate aunt. This is so cute.” “Love this, freaking awesome.”

While I personally find it sweet that Roberts seems so thrilled to not only be at the show but also share her words of kindness with Kelce, the Swifties on X are coming for her throat. I guess the lesson learned here is just don’t touch Travis Kelce unless you want an army of Swifties railing against you on social media. Then again… does Julia Roberts really care? Nah…

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