Switching to Go: The betterCode () Go program has been set

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The organizers dpunkt.verlag and heise Developer host an event on November 10, 2021 on topics relating to the Go programming language. The one-day online conference is aimed at developers who want to take a closer look at the language originally developed by Google: Does Go fit into the next project? How does it actually work in Go and what can Go do that other languages ​​cannot? Together with Go expert Frank Müller, the organizers have developed a program that includes a total of seven lectures that are intended to facilitate the switch to Go.

The conference day starts with an introduction to Go including the Standard Library and the ecosystem, followed by contributions to Concurrency and Go Interfaces. In a two-part lecture, Frank Müller shows how developers can write web applications in Go and gives valuable tips and tricks to hand. In addition to a lecture on gRPC vs. HTTP / JSON, the betterCode () Go offers topics such as property-based testing with Go.

A ticket for the one-day event costs 149 euros including the early bird discount (until October 19, 2021), after that it costs 199 euros (all prices plus 19 percent VAT). Teams also benefit from group discounts; interested parties can contact the event team via email. Closer Information on the program can be found on the conference website. If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe to the newsletter, the organizers follow on twitter or check back regularly on the website.

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