Switzerland approves the covid passport with great participation, amid strong tensions

Dissatisfied after the clear Swiss ‘Yes’ to the Covid law that established the health pass, only a few dozen protesters concentrated this Sunday in front of the government headquarters and Parliament, under close surveillance by the security forces.

According to the first official results, the “Yes” would exceed 61%, while participation, around 65%, is the fourth highest since women’s suffrage was introduced in 1971, in a country where the average is 46% in this type of consultation.

This referendum was held at a time when the new omicrón variant, described as “worrying” by the World Health Organization, once again put the planet on alert.

As a sign of the unusual tensions in Switzerland, the police blocked the square in front of the seat of government and Parliament in Bern on Sunday, in anticipation of demonstrations.

Precisely, opponents of the anti-covid measures had called a demonstration in the capital Bern, but only a few dozen gathered in front of the Federal Palace, seat of the government and Parliament, fenced with a wire mesh, for fear of overflows.

According to one of the most renowned Swiss political scientists, Claude Longchamp, it is the first time that the Federal Palace has been isolated during a Sunday federal vote.

“The Federal Council must ask itself if it is not responsible for eventual excesses, because by pushing people towards a limit with coercive measures (…) perhaps it is pushing people to have strong reactions,” Michelle Cailler told AFP. , spokesman for the group Friends of the Constitution, one of the groups behind the referendum.

Polls already predicted that the population would accept the law, but opponents of vaccines and the health pass organized demonstrations in recent weeks, some prohibited and peppered with violence.

The rise in tensions in Switzerland, a country renowned for its culture of dialogue and where referendums are held several times a year, created a great surprise.

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