Sydney Sweeney forgot to warn her dad of her daring scenes in Euphoria

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All characters from Euphoria have daring scenes, but it’s fair to say that Sydney Sweeney, who brings to life Cassie has the most sexual, which puts her in trouble with her dad. By bad luck and carelessness, the actress did not warn him that he does several nudes and at the time of seeing her, he was very surprised.

In her last appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the 24-year-old actress said she didn’t tell her dad she was doing Euphoria and didn’t know exactly what it was.

Sydney said that one day her dad sat down to watch the series with her grandparents and within five minutes she had already received a call from her dad, who bewildered asked her: “What is this?!”, without knowing what he meant replied: “what is what?” And then he caught on, “Oh my God, I completely forgot to tell you. That’s not the show you sit down to watch with Nana,” he said with an awkward tone of voice.

On her role in Euphoria, she commented that when she was a teenager she was not as rebellious as Cassie and even specified that she would never have done what she did in the carousel.

He also talked about his character in White Lotus, the series in which she plays Olivia, explained that it has been a great challenge for her since she had never done comedy and that despite being nervous every time she records, she always tries to learn the best from the creator and his co-stars.

In the end, the actress talked to Drew about her passion for interior design, she said that she just bought a house from 1933 and is restoring it with tapestries that she places herself. Ahhh and also restored his own van! Clearly, Sydney is a case of monerías.

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