“Sylvia Pasquel’s Lack of Interest in Luis Miguel’s Concerts Revealed”

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Sylvia Pasquel Expresses No Interest in Luis Miguel Concerts

Mexican singer Luis Miguel has generated significant excitement with the sale of tickets for his upcoming concerts. However, Sylvia Pasquel has made it clear that she has no plans to attend any of the shows. The actress, who also happens to be the mother of Stephanie Salas, Luis Miguel’s ex-girlfriend, dismissed the idea of attending the Mexican leg of the tour. Speaking to the press recently, Pasquel said, “I’ve never gone to a concert, nor will I go”.

While Pasquel’s fans may be surprised at her lack of interest, it’s worth noting that she has always preferred to maintain a low-key profile. The actress also refused to entertain questions about her granddaughter Michelle Salas’s potential attendance at her famous father’s concerts, saying that she has no idea.

Pasquel Steers Clear of Controversy

Pasquel’s press conference also touched on recent comments by Aracely Arámbula, who suggested that she had ‘surpassed’ Luis Miguel. Although many fans assumed she was referring to the popular singer, Pasquel refused to comment on this matter. Instead, she chose to focus on her recent recognition.

The actress was honoured for her work as a mother, and said that it was important to acknowledge the hard work involved. “Being a mother is not easy. Nobody thanks you, nobody pays you, there is no salary, there are no vacations, there is no social security,” she noted. Despite her early marriage and early motherhood, however, Pasquel is still grateful for the life she has lived.

Stephanie Salas also became a mother at a young age, but Pasquel acknowledged that her daughter had a couple of extra years of maturity, making the experience a little easier. Regardless, Pasquel is proud of her family and her life, and remains unfazed by the hype surrounding Luis Miguel’s concerts.

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