Sylvie chose these dates for her attack in the second episode of Loki

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This is really about getting into the details. A youtuber took the hard work of checking all the dates that appear on the computers of Loki’s Temporal Variation Agency, the third series from Marvel Studios for the Disney Plus platform.

At the close of the second episode of Loki, the AVT goes into crisis due to Sylvie’s (Lady Loki) attack on the Sacred Time Line. His plan was to bombard the timeline with Nexus events so the AVT doesn’t have time to react; for that reason, the agency screens show different dates and places. Do they have any meaning?

LOKI | Places and dates of the attack

A video from the New Rockstars channel reveals that Sylvie did not pick the dates at random. Let’s look at some of the places that appeared in the AVT registry after Lady Loki’s attack.

Knowhere – There is no date, but the site is known to be the base of The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy, where Thor delivered the Reality Stone and Gamora tried to kill Thanos in Infinity War Niflheim – No date, but It is the place where Hela was imprisoned by Odin. Sleep (2301) – Hundreds of years after Thanos sacrificed Gamora and the death of Black Widow in Infinity War and Endgame, respectively. Asgard (2004) – Eight years before the Thor’s first movie. In the Loki trailer we see the Asgardian reigning on a throne of a different design than the one we know of. Sakaar (1984) – Probably affected one of the previous tournament champions we see in Thor: Ragnarok. It may have something to do with Beta Ray Bill, Ares and Man-Thing.Ego (1382) – The living planet and father of Star-Lord, but long before Guardians of the Galaxy.Titan (1982) – The date is before what happened in Infinity War. Perhaps it was the moment when Thanos witnessed how the population exceeded its limits and exhausted all resources, thus motivating him to search for the Infinity Stones.Sylvie chose these dates for her attack in the second episode of Loki

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Other interesting places are Dartford, England (the birthplace of two of the Rolling Stones), Hala (the planet of the Kree), Xandar, Yotunheim, Barcelona and Madrid, as well as other places and dates that were the time of different revolutions. , declarations of independence, and historical events.

The fourth episode of Loki will be available on Wednesday June 30 on Disney Plus.

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