Tactical co-op shooter Thunder Tier One is live on Steam

Thunder Tier One, the latest game released by Krafton Inc., is an all-around tactical shooter and seems to appeal to those interested in military strategy.

Players will lead a special operations team fighting to stop a dangerous terrorist network in the fictional Eastern European country of Salobia. The game features a nine-mission story-based scenario that can be played solo with 4-player co-op, online PVP, or AI teammates. Players will also enjoy four different modes: Exfil, Advance & Secure, Domination and Deathmatch.

Exfil is a 4v4 mode in which the attacking team is tasked with removing a pack within a set amount of time and the defending team must try in every possible way to prevent it from doing so. In Advance & Secure, also a 4v4 game mode, teams go head-to-head to fight and win over several levels. Domination is a PVE mode where players capture certain control points, defuse explosives and defend against counter-attacks, and up to four players race against the clock. Finally, Deathmatch is a classic mode that supports up to eight participants.

Thunder Tier One stands out with its realism; The game’s developers were passionate about designing a universe where small details like weapon handling, muzzle velocity and ammo weight could seriously impact players’ success. The game will also be open to modding in the future, allowing gamers to create their own characters, maps, quests, game modes, weapons and more.

Creative director: It started as a personal project

Pawel Smolewski, Creative Director of Thunder Tier One, said, “Thunder Tier One started as a personal project where me and my friends could play and try out new ideas. It’s really exciting that it’s now a finished game that players can enjoy. This little Thunder Tier One team is completely focused on bringing the game to life. “We are grateful to Krafton for his support in helping us bring a new experience to this genre and its audience. We now look forward to our community logging in to Salobia and experiencing the universe we have created.”

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