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Stormy Daniels Reacts to Arrest of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Faces Accusation of Crime This April 4 will be a historic day as former US president Donald Trump faces accusations of a crime. He recently confronted authorities in the Stormy Daniels case, which was filed by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Michael Cohen, former attorney for Trump, made a $130,000 payment to …

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Former The United States President Alejandro Toledo Signed The Agreement to Repatriate US$686,000.

Foreign Minister César Landa signed the agreement between Peru and the United States to repatriate money confiscated from former President Alejandro Toledo amounting to 686,505.14 dollars. According to the Foreign Ministry, the document was signed last Friday and will be sent tomorrow, Monday, February 14, for the signature of the US authorities and its consequent entry into force. The Justice of …

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Some Trump White House records were torn up and taped back together

Offenders hate to leave traces that could confuse them. Is it this phobia that animated Donald Trump? As early as 2018, the Politico site had reported its mania for destroying at all costs: memos, reports, drafts… However, this is a crime against which at least two of his chiefs of staff had warned the former President. The Presidential …

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What was special about Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s second debate?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden's second debate

The ‘mute button’ or no less than its worry confirmed little impact on the second debate of US presidential candidates. In the second debate, each Donald Trump and Joe Biden seemed very restrained. Both candidates allowed one another to talk this time. Both have been seen speaking in respectful tone to one another. Even when each have been …

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