Internet security

Notice of scam to Movistar customers: Be careful if you receive this email

Aviso de estafa a clientes de Movistar: Cuidado si recibes este email

If you are not a Movistar customer, then you should not worry. But if you use any of the operator’s services, be careful, because as the Movistar Movisfera Blog warns, since last August 11 it has been a new phishing campaign detected against Movistar clients. Fake email from Movistar In this case, cybercriminals They impersonate …

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Security update for Photoshop Windows and macOS

Actualización de seguridad para Photoshop Windows y macOS

Monthly security updates for software products are responsible for keeping these and the computers they are used on safe from viruses, malware, etc. But from time to time a bug occurs, a problem is discovered or a vulnerability is generated that needs to be patched quickly. Like the one that has affected several editions of …

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The computer virus that robs but the rich: Nefilim ransomware

El virus informático que roba pero a los ricos: Ransomware Nefilim

On the subject of cyberattacks and hacking, it is clear that no one is safe, and anyone can have their computer, mobile phone, etc. hacked, without having anything to do with whether they are rich or poor, laborer or count. But there are criminals who prefer to attack in a big way, and go for …

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