Second global Internet crash in seven days: PSN, Twitch, Amazon, LOL, Facebook failures …

Segunda caída global de Internet en 7 días: No van PSN, Twitch, Amazon, LOL, Valorant

On December 7, a week ago, the DownDetector website reported more than 30,000 incidents that began with a global drop in AWS servers, Amazon Web Services, which provide cloud services to hundreds of well-known platforms and networks. Global drop in Internet services Therefore, if this platform that provides hosting services falls, those that hire its …

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Twitter already tests full-screen layout on Android

twitter edge to edge

The different social network applications have a design in which they delimit the space between one and the other very well. It is logical, since otherwise you would think that all the content you see is from a single person, but you have to give credit to whoever has shared that content and, of course, …

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How to block a Gmail contact

Cómo bloquear un contacto de Gmail

Everyone receives many emails a day. These have supplied the letters in a very short time, which has saved paper and especially time. In addition to this, the tools allow you to add new contacts and that these are activated automatically every time you write them, but there may be a specific one that you …

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Notice of scam to Movistar customers: Be careful if you receive this email

Aviso de estafa a clientes de Movistar: Cuidado si recibes este email

If you are not a Movistar customer, then you should not worry. But if you use any of the operator’s services, be careful, because as the Movistar Movisfera Blog warns, since last August 11 it has been a new phishing campaign detected against Movistar clients. Fake email from Movistar In this case, cybercriminals They impersonate …

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Firefox tricks: How to take a screenshot


You may have ever needed to take a screenshot of what you have on the display. You want to send the seats that are available in the cinema to your friends, the result of a meeting to someone who could not follow it or perhaps a photo from a social network of something that has …

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Netflix now lets you use the spatial audio of your iPhone and iPad

Netflix ya te deja usar el audio espacial de tu iPhone y iPad

Thanks to the Internet and all its services, it is easier than ever to access tons of available entertainment. Many services that offer it are totally free, although for a small price you can have some that are very worthwhile. We are talking about Video on Demand or VOD services that have an extensive catalog …

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Security update for Photoshop Windows and macOS

Actualización de seguridad para Photoshop Windows y macOS

Monthly security updates for software products are responsible for keeping these and the computers they are used on safe from viruses, malware, etc. But from time to time a bug occurs, a problem is discovered or a vulnerability is generated that needs to be patched quickly. Like the one that has affected several editions of …

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How to activate loop repetition in the YouTube app on mobile

Cómo activar la repetición en bucle en la app de YouTube en el móvil

One of the uses that is usually made of YouTube is as music streaming platform, because whether legally or illegally, there are millions of songs, albums, OSTs, fan-remixes, etc. And sometimes, for both a song and a video, we like to do the same thing that Spotify and any decent music player can do: put …

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How to connect your PC to the internet using your smartphone


Connecting to the Internet is easy if you have a smartphone handy. This assuming you have a contracted data rate, although in the worst case you can connect to the nearest WiFi. But let’s put ourselves in the best of times and not so good. Namely, that you have a data rate on your mobile …

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Google Maps: How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone

Google Maps: cómo activar el modo oscuro en iPhone

Designed to alleviate the workload that your eyes must do when viewing the mobile screen in low or no surrounding light conditions, the Dark mode reverses the tones of the screen, turning dark to light, making it easier to see a backlit panel do not cause eye fatigue, or at least reduce it. Nowadays it …

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The Google Pixel 5a could arrive, but not for all markets

pxiel 5

One of the great doubts that has been in Mountain View has been the manufacture of the Google Pixel 5a. The company has accustomed us since version 3 to launch the new devices with numerical achievement with an additional one accompanied by an ‘a’. It is a mid-range version that is between one version and …

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Twitter already lets you use your Google and Apple account to use it

twitter apple account

Having more login methods for different Internet services is very normal. You enter social networks, shopping sites, official bodies … they all need a password and user access, but sometimes logging in with a service that you use regularly is the most comfortable and, of course, fast. This is the new step by which Twitter …

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Which Amazon Kindles will no longer be able to connect to the Internet

Qué Kindles de Amazon ya no podrán conectarse a Internet

4G is what prevails today. 5G is the immediate future, and operations for 6G are getting under way. 2G and 3G networks are outdated, outdated, and mobile network operators are phasing them out. This action, which for someone who has a 4G device seems normal, has the disadvantage that it affects any device that depends …

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Become Venom or Carnage with this Instagram filter

Conviértete en Venom o Matanza con este filtro de Instagram

The pandemic has delayed the launch of a lot of audiovisual content, but little by little we are seeing these projects resume. Many series and films have already finished filming and movie theaters welcome their visitors again. And for fans of the Marvel world there is a film that is dated in a few months …

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Spotify will tell you when your latest podcasts and songs are out

novedades spotify

One of the things that the Internet has given us is the immediacy to know all the news on any subject. Social networks and media help in this work, as do their dedicated applications for mobile phones. But Spotify also wants to do their part to make music culture and audio entertainment spread faster. And …

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Edge now lets you manage your passwords on mobile devices


The developers behind Internet browsers try to make your experience as complete as possible. This also means ensuring your safety, an arduous task that is solved with constant and effective updates. And this is what he has achieved Edge for your mobile version by applying your password manager. You can finally manage your Edge accounts …

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How to get Spotify Premium free for 3 months with your TikTok account

Cómo conseguir gratis Spotify Premium durante 3 meses con tu cuenta de TikTok

Although Spotify has a free version that everyone can use, by subscribing to a Premium version you have advantages such as the elimination of advertising, which allows you to listen to all the music you want without playback limits or advertising cuts. And that’s what this news is about: To have Spotify for the rest …

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The foldable Google Pixel could arrive this year


Foldable phones are the present in the world of telephony, but we have yet to see many developments in this field. The different manufacturers strive to launch their proposals as soon as possible and the good thing is that there are more and more willing to get theirs. But users want to see them now …

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Facebook Messenger launches Soundmojis, emojis with sound


In digital language you have two options to send an emotion: either you send a video or gif or you use an emoji. The answer is clear to many and it is a clear ruling in favor of the emoji. But maybe on some occasion you have thought if at some point we understood emojis …

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The computer virus that robs but the rich: Nefilim ransomware

El virus informático que roba pero a los ricos: Ransomware Nefilim

On the subject of cyberattacks and hacking, it is clear that no one is safe, and anyone can have their computer, mobile phone, etc. hacked, without having anything to do with whether they are rich or poor, laborer or count. But there are criminals who prefer to attack in a big way, and go for …

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