Multimedia messaging

WhatsApp works in a search engine to contact companies


They are working on Facebook to provide WhatsApp with increasingly useful functions and turn it into a complete service. In fact, the application has a version for companies and another for the rest of the users and it seems that there will soon be a new bridge between the two features. It will all be …

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WhatsApp: how to create automatic messages

WhatsApp: cómo crear mensajes automáticos

The more free time you have is when you tend to use social networks the most, and summer holidays are an ideal time for this. But it also happens that there are those who want to do the opposite and use the mobile phone as little as possible, in order to truly disconnect from day …

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Download failed error in WhatsApp; How to solve it?

Error descarga fallida en WhatsApp; ¿Cómo solucionarlo?

At first it was only for text messages, but like any successful application, WhatsApp had to learn to diversify and expand its capacity, becoming able to send multimedia files such as photos, videos, audio images and even text documents and others. But, hasn’t it ever happened to you that you’ve received a message with content …

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WhatsApp: these are the new options that you find if you press and hold the app icon

WhatsApp: Nuevas opciones que encuentras si mantienes pulsado el icono de la app

Speed ​​seems like the keyword in today’s digital age. Internet, telecommuting, mobile applications, everything seems designed with the idea of ​​doing things faster, more efficient, more effective. For this reason, for about a month, WhatsApp implemented a couple of tools in its application to help users chat with those who matter most more quickly. New …

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WhatsApp could finally reach iPad in app format

WhatsApp podría llegar por fin a iPad en formato app

Smartphones have made it possible to have all kinds of functions in one place. Games are the least of it, if you have good tools you may not even need much more to do your job. But when we talk about communication, social networks and messaging apps are necessary and having at least the essential …

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How can your WhatsApp account be stolen with an SMS?

Cómo pueden robarte la cuenta de WhatsApp con un SMS

It all starts first by receiving an SMS message from WhatsApp technical support -or at least that’s what they say-, to communicate that your phone number, the one you have linked to your WhatsApp account, has been registered in a new account. WhatsApp wants to know if the person they are addressing is the owner …

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You can now make video calls with a thousand people on Telegram

Ya puedes hacer videollamadas con mil personas en Telegram

Almost always above WhatsApp in terms of news, Telegram is usually always the first to release new or expand limits that the Facebook app then seeks to reach. And although, curiously, it has been incorporated late into the subject of video calls, it has just established a standard that WhatsApp will cost it a priori …

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Facebook Messenger launches Soundmojis, emojis with sound


In digital language you have two options to send an emotion: either you send a video or gif or you use an emoji. The answer is clear to many and it is a clear ruling in favor of the emoji. But maybe on some occasion you have thought if at some point we understood emojis …

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