Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson Cheating Drama Explained

From infidelity scandals and paternity allegations to high-profile breakups, Tristan Thompson’s life in the spotlight has been rife with turmoil. The Sacramento Kings player debuted in the NBA in 2011. But until August 2016, when he began dating Khloé Kardashian, his personal relations were not so well-known. Thompson’s previous relationship with Jordan Craig became a …

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Khloé Kardashian reacts to Tristan Thompson’s apology

After Tristan Thompson apologized to her for her infidelity and for having a child with another woman, Khloé Kardashian reacted to his words. Last Monday, Tristan Thompson posted on his Instagram account a message addressed to his friends, family and fans in general, in which he confirmed that he was the father of Maralee Nichols’ son. She told Khloé Kardashian directly that she was …

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