Windows 11: Minimum requirements, news, W10 functions that we lose

Windows 11: Requisitos Mínimos, novedades, funciones W10 que perdemos

October 5th. That is the date announced just yesterday in which Microsoft will begin the gradual deployment of its new Windows 11, through a free update coming to Windows 10 computers “that meet the necessary requirements”. But as is often the case with every new version of an operating system, some functions return and others …

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iCloud already manages your passwords in Windows 10 too

iCloud ya gestiona tus contraseñas también en Windows 10

To enter an Internet site you need a username and password. The first thing is not difficult to find since it works with the nick of any other platform, but the most important thing is the password. This is a critical point in the process since if you lose the alias nothing happens, but the …

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How to find your mouse in Windows 10

windows 10 puntero

Using a computer is very simple. With knowing how to press the buttons on the keyboard to articulate words and the mouse to select icons and programs, the rest is getting used to their use. But even the simplest can be difficult, such as losing sight of the mouse in Windows 10. Has it ever …

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Edge now lets you manage your passwords on mobile devices


The developers behind Internet browsers try to make your experience as complete as possible. This also means ensuring your safety, an arduous task that is solved with constant and effective updates. And this is what he has achieved Edge for your mobile version by applying your password manager. You can finally manage your Edge accounts …

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