3 Websites to Download YouTube Video to MP3 for Free

Streaming platforms came to revolutionize the entertainment industry, of that there is no doubt. However; there are still many titles, both audio and video; which are not available in any digital catalog. There are a multiplicity of reasons behind it, but it regularly has to do with copyright. Speaking specifically of music, there are many songs, scores, …

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How to activate loop repetition in the YouTube app on mobile

Cómo activar la repetición en bucle en la app de YouTube en el móvil

One of the uses that is usually made of YouTube is as music streaming platform, because whether legally or illegally, there are millions of songs, albums, OSTs, fan-remixes, etc. And sometimes, for both a song and a video, we like to do the same thing that Spotify and any decent music player can do: put …

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