Taika Waititi and Star wars When will your movie be shot?

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Taika Waititi and Star wars When will your movie be shot?

Despite starting his career as a director just a decade ago, Taika Waititi is one of the most notorious directors in the industry. His humor, as fresh as it is irreverent, has earned him a certain fame. His meteoric rise came thank the god of thunder marvel and although it began to stand out as a result of the mock vampire What we do in the shadows, It was Thor Ragnarok who received all the applause from both the critics and the public. The Nordic divinity surely came from being the MCU character with the worst solo films, but Waititi managed to provide the necessary humor, without giving up the much-needed action a character who had previously shown himself with excessive seriousness and solemnity.

2 years later, Jojo Rabbit It was the confirmation that he was not a director who would only narrate franchises. Hitler’s young boy friend film earned him the best adapted screenplay and the nomination for best film of the year. Its international recognition and the smooth running of Thor Ragnarok prompted, the decision last year by Disney that He was the one to direct a new movie of Star wars. However, Taika Waititi and Star wars do not finish materializing, in terms of the phases of their production.

Finished filming of Thor: Love and thunder, Waititi responded in an interview to Sydeny Morning Herald when asked if his next film would be the Star Wars project signed with Disney: “I don’t know if it will be Star Wars. I hope that’s the way it is, but there are many other little things that my sticky fingers have attached to, so we’ll see ”. At least we know the New Zealander’s desire to return to the universe created by George Lucas, since Taika Waititi and Star Wars already joined forces when he shot a chapter for the epic series The mandalorian. The level of occupation of the director is not only given by that position, since we must not forget that he is also a screenwriter and an actor, which leads him to work on several productions at the same time. Originally, the Star Wars project is intended by 2025 but Will Waititi take a “hole” before to shoot it?

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