Taiwan reports that 27 Chinese military aircraft entered its air defense identification zone

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The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense has reported this Sunday that a total of 27 military planes of the People’s Liberation Army of China penetrated this same day in the southwestern part of your air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

In response, the island’s Armed Forces deployed missile systems and launched several air patrol planes to “warn“to Beijing aircraft leaving the area, while issuing radio warnings.

Eight Shenyang J-16 fighters, six Chengdu J-10, four Shenyang J-11, as well as five H-6 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, a Shaanxi Y-9 electronic warfare, two KJ-500 reconnaissance and early warning and control and a Xi’an Y-20U tanker. Is about the first time that Beijing uses this type of tanker aircraft during a raid on Taiwan’s ADIZ, recalls Taiwan News.

The Y-20U is a modified version of the Y-20 for military transport that has three refueling points, being able to load up to 60 tons of fuel, specify the portal DefenseNews.

According to Taiwan News, the use of the Y-20U is of “significant” importance, given that in-flight refueling was “a weak point” of the Chinese Armed Forces.

This latest deployment comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping met with members of the Central Military Commission at a conference on military talent.

Among other aspects, the leader stressed that talent plays a key role in “achieving victory in the military competition and get the upper hand in future wars“reported the agency Xinhua.

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Constant air tension

The entry of the 27 Chinese military aircraft this Sunday came amid rising tensions around Taiwan.

Last Sunday nine Chinese aircraft broke into the southwestern part of the ADIZ, while on 6-7 November a total of 20 Chinese aircraft entered the island’s airspace.

In addition, Beijing sent a total of 149 aircraft in the first days of last month. In particular, only on October 4 56 Chinese aircraft participated in the raid.

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