Take-Two CEO: Company will focus more on diversity and inclusion

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The California state lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for spreading “frat culture” started a new wave of #MeToo in the gaming industry. Strauss Zelnic, CEO of Take-Two, stated that the publisher is doing its best not to spread the same culture.

At the meeting where the revenues of the company were discussed, there was a headline in which Take-Two “focused more deeply on corporate responsibility”. There, the company’s emphasis on diversity, inclusion and equality was emphasized.

When asked what the company did to prevent the kind of culture outlined in the Activision-Blizzard lawsuit, Zelnick replied:

“We’ve had this concern every day since I’ve been at the company. And we’re proud of the work culture we have for now. It’s an inclusive environment of goodwill and respect. But we know we can do more. to a board of directors from different backgrounds we have. Our employees are all from different places. And the internal communication is excellent. Even though we have 6800 people, I have direct contact with people. They can reach me via Slack, phone, email and office visit.”

“I can’t say we’re immune to these issues. We care deeply about the health and well-being of our employees around the world, and we think people are aware of that. But there are other things to do. We are focused on this issue and we will continue to focus on it.”

MRT wasn’t able to ask Zelnick a question after that, but developer Bungie was also after the lawsuit. posted a similar statement.

Meanwhile, Activision-Blizzard employees left their jobs last week to protest what happened at the company. Later, the company agreed with a law firm and canceled all meetings.

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Investors asked Zelnick the same question

A similar question was asked to Zelnick at the meeting with the investors. Zelnick replied:

“In our opinion, creating a suitable environment is not something that can be done in one day. Making progress in this regard is a process. The industry can always do better. We will listen to our colleagues and work on this issue in time.”

“But since you’re asking this question, I want to answer it in a specific way. My answer is about what we’ve done so far and are still doing. The first thing is that I’ll try to be very clear here. We will not tolerate it. We have never. We have made our stance on this matter through our policies against harassment and discrimination. We have made it clear when people join our company. All of our employees received training on these issues when they were hired and repeated this training a year later. With our trainings and policies, they “We said there are places where they can be told. And that if they do, nothing will be done to them. These places consist of management, HR and an anonymous complaint by phone or online.”

“Take-Two also has a manager responsible for diversity and inclusion. We also have several resource groups and they are constantly growing.”

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