Talent without equivalent: Al Pacino and Morgan Freeman will star in a film together

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The world of cinema has four undisputed figures ready to share a shoot. Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Danny DeVito confirmed their participation in a film that already promises a lot in its gestation. Of the four, all won a Oscar except Danny DeVito, who was nominated for his work on Erin Brockovich. We tell you all the details of the production.

Al Pacino was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2020. (Getty)

The Hollywood Reporter informed that the title of the film will be Sniff and will have characteristics of a policeman noir. The story will be set in a home for the elderly in which a crime unmasks an unprecedented criminal network. The film does not yet have a distributor and will start selling its rights in the Toronto International Film Festival, which will start this Thursday until September 18.

Taylor Hackford, which in his career has productions such as Ray and The devil’s lawyer, where he shared the set with Al Pacino, will be responsible for directing the film. The official synopsis of the film states: “When two residents die under suspicious circumstances, the detective Joe Mulwray (Freeman) returns from retirement holding his partner’s hand William Keys (DeVito) while discovering a hidden network of sex, drugs, and murders in the hogard of luxury elderly controlled by the kingpin Harvey Stride (Pacino) and if your fatal Woman, The spider (Mirren)”. Tom Gray was responsible for writing the film.

taylor hackford

Hackford received an Oscar nomination thanks to Ray. (IMDb)

Hackford stressed that the first thing that led him to want to direct Sniff was the script for the film. “I was always a big fan of noir, but I never did one, although I did Against All Odds, said the director, who immediately highlighted the “Amazing style” from Grey and said that “understands” what defines a dark movie. Thus, he revealed that the screenwriter wrote his libretto designed for the four actors that Hackford helped him convince to join.

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Al Pacino: Only Great Movies

Like an icon of modern cinema, Al Pacino is in a position to choose and discard projects at will and pleasure. Just look at your profile IMDb to note that in his latest works there are only great works. Perhaps, the one that is most out of tune, not because it is a bad production but because of the most divided critics is the series of Amazon Prime Video, Hunters, which only has a 67% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

While his fans wait for House of Gucci, which will arrive in November and is one of the most promising premieres, you can see what his last two films were. First you have to mention Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, where he had a small participation, and then The Irish, who first met him with Martin Scorsese and earned him his most recent nomination for Oscar. Perhaps that detail allows us to think that Sniff it is, on paper, a great production.

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