Tales of Arise raises the bar: the highest rated game of the saga on Metacritic

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Tales of Arise is called to be one of those video games that we will remember at the end of the year. After the publication of the analysis of national and international media during the afternoon of this Wednesday, the aggregator portal Metacritic it already shows an average with more than fifty qualifications. Right now, with 52 compiled notes, the Bandai Namco Entertaiment title features a 87 out of 100 on PS5; the highest note of the entire saga.

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Tales of Arise outperforms Tales of Symphonia right now

After Tales of Berseria (2017) with an 80 and the remastered versions of Tales of Vesperia (2019), with a note between 81 and 83, depending on the version, there were already many years without approaching the ratings of the great exponents of the genre; those that get sagas like Dragon Quest, Persona or Shin Megami Tensei. Things have changed with Tales of Arise, which has achieved an international consensus by considering it as one of the brightest iterations of the series. Seventeen years later Tales of Symphonia (2004; 86 out of 100) has been surpassed.

Now, what could this change be due to? How big is the difference between this episode and the immediately preceding ones? In the absence of knowing the criteria of the general public as of this September 10, 2021, the specialized media highlight, among them the analysis of MeriStation, a brilliant combat system, with action in real time and a frenzy at the height of the best of the genre.

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Also noteworthy in this Tales of Arise is its artistic direction and how well it has adapted to current times; with more interesting secondary missions and a development that goes from less to more. It is, in a way, the beginning of a new stage for the saga.

Tales of Arise arrives this September, 10th for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and PC in full Spanish in physical and digital format.

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