Taliban Government Pays Afghan Officials Again

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The Taliban government announced this Saturday that it will once again pay Afghan officials, who have not been paid since the return to power of the Islamists, in a country mired in a financial crisis.

“We will start paying civil servants’ salaries today,” Finance Ministry spokesman Ahmad Wali Haqmal told a news conference in Kabul.

The government will pay the civil servants the salaries of the last three months, plus one month for those who had not received it with the previous government.

Haqmal also reported that the government would pay the pensions again when the computer servers are back online.

Officials will not be able to withdraw the money immediately, as withdrawals from Afghan banks remain limited by authorities to $ 200 to $ 400 a week, according to the institution, due to a lack of available cash.

Banking restrictions have been in place since the Taliban returned to power after a 20-year war against the Kabul government and its Western allies, prompting international sanctions.

The country’s economy, one of the poorest in the world, collapsed. The government ran out of money, the local currency, the Afghan, plummeted and poverty soared, as did the price of the basic food basket.

According to Meraj Mohammad Meraj, one of the ministry’s directors, the government is able to pay officials again after customs and corporate tax revenue of some 26 billion Afghans ($ 277 million) in the past two months and half.


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