Taliban prohibit women from working at Ghazni radio stations

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The news taliban authorities women have been banned from working as broadcasters and in any other position on radio stations in Ghanzni province, southeastern Afghanistan.

In addition, they have banned music from these stations, according to the Afghan news agency Pajhwok.

This same Saturday a religious edict that orders the suspension of joint education for men and women in the universities and institutes of the province of Herat, in the west of the country.

The head of the “Department of Education” of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mullah Farid, argued that the coeducation had to end as it is the root of the evils of society.

The Taliban would be willing to admit that young women receive education from “virtuous teachers” and from «Elderly men». Teachers in Herat have warned that this edict will deprive thousands of women from receiving higher education in practice as there is insufficient infrastructure to divide classes.

Ghazni and Herat These are some of the provinces that have fallen into the hands of the Taliban in the lightning offensive by Islamist insurgents that culminated in the fall of Kabul on August 15.

CNN reporter in Afghanistan

A few days ago the radical change in the appearance of the journalist called everyone’s attention Clarissa Ward, the international correspondent of CNN in Afghanistan, which in just 24 hours, and coinciding with the entry of the Taliban in Kabul, She had gone from appearing before the camera with a normal, Western appearance to wearing the veil, covering her head completely, except for her face.

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This change of image attracted attention powerfully because it seemed a real-time example of the new situation of women in a place where the new holders of power, the talibanThey stand out, among other aspects, for their null respect for women’s rights.

However, that makeover had many nuances. The journalist herself has explained it, Clarissa wasd, after being aware that this image had gone around the world. Through social networks, the journalist released her version of events explaining the reason for this new image.

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