Taliban say Afghans who so wish will be able to leave the country after August 31

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a hundred approximate of governments around the world have confirmed in a joint statement that they have received assurances from the Taliban that Afghan citizens wishing to leave the country will receive safe passage beyond the deadline for the withdrawal of international troops and their evacuation operation, the next August, 31.

“We are all committed to ensuring that our citizens, nationals and residents, employees, as well as the Afghans who have worked with us and those who are at risk can continue to travel freely to destinations outside of Afghanistan,” according to the note, signed among others by United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Morocco, Australia, Egypt or Spain.

“We have received guarantees from the Taliban that all foreign citizens and any Afghan citizen with travel authorization from our countries will be able to go safely and in an orderly manner to the departure points and travel outside the country,” adds the note, published by the White House.

“We will continue to issue travel documentation to designated Afghans, and we have the clear expectation and commitment of the Taliban that they can travel to our respective countries,” the statement underlines, before concluding that the signatories “take note of the public statements of the Taliban confirming this understanding.

Taliban leader travels to Kandahar

The Supreme Leader of the Taliban, Mullah Hibatulá Ajundzada, has traveled to the province of Kandahar to meet with the leadership of the movement in their talks for the formation of a new government after the insurgent victory, according to sources from the insurgents to the Tolo News network.

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Previously, different sources had already advanced the visit of the mullah, a deeply enigmatic figure since he came to power in 2016, to the homonymous capital of the province-sanctuary of the Taliban, in the south of the country, where he would have remained for four days.

The spokesman for the Taliban, Zabibulá Muyahid, had advanced this week that the mullah “would appear soon, God willing”, in the face of the silence kept by the leader of the movement after the insurgent conquest of the country, which culminated on August 15 with the taking of the capital, Kabul.

The mullah succeeded the founder of the movement, Mullah Omar, in 2013 after his death – although it was not known until July 2015 – and since then he has lived completely out of the public eye except for the occasional speech. In fact, the Taliban have unofficially distributed nothing more than a picture of his face.

His figure has always been surrounded by rumors about his health. The middle Afghan Hasht-e-Subh He even reported that he had died last year in a bombing in the Pakistani province of Balochistan, although the Taliban immediately denied this information.

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