“Talina Fernández: A Remarkable Journey of Unyielding Love”

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Talina Fernández: Embracing Life and Love

Talina Fernández was a firm believer that life is ephemeral. Unlike many, the concept of death did not terrify her; instead, she saw it as a natural part of life and greeted it with a smile every day. In her last years, she dedicated herself to living in the present, seizing every opportunity that came her way, especially those related to matters of the heart.

During her last media appearance in May, Talina expressed her belief that love never ends and offered valuable advice to women who believed their hormones had faded away at the age of 78. She shared her own experiences, recounting her romantic adventures with famous figures such as Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. It was during this time that a fan encountered her at a supermarket on New Year’s Eve and introduced her to a man named José Manuel Fernández, who would soon become a significant presence in her life.

José Manuel Fernández, a businessman, entered Talina’s life without much preamble. Being a woman who had always embraced love, she didn’t hesitate to skip the traditional steps of courtship. She described José Manuel as a great companion, and their relationship allowed her to lift the burden of responsibility from her children. According to Talina, this served as a reminder that love knows no age and that one can continue to love and be loved at any stage of life.

The couple hit it off right from the start, and due to the sense of urgency brought about by the realization that time was limited, their relationship progressed rapidly. Talina invited José Manuel to Acapulco, surprising her children. When questioned about the speed of their courtship, she simply replied, “because we don’t have your time.” For Talina, living in the here and now was crucial, cherishing each moment and embracing love fully.

Talina described the courtship with José Manuel as filled with passionate nights together, defying societal expectations of older couples. She reiterated that one’s libido continues until the end, emphasizing that life and love should be cherished without limitations.

Known for her eloquent speeches, Talina revealed that death had been a constant presence in her life for many years. However, she approached it with confidence and curiosity, believing that it would lead her to reunite with her daughter, Mariana Levy, who had already passed away. She spoke about the transition from life to the afterlife, expressing a belief in eternal existence and looking forward to meeting her loved ones who had preceded her.

On June 28, 2023, Talina Fernández sadly passed away after battling leukemia, a condition she kept private during her final weeks. Her legacy as a woman who embraced life and love will continue to inspire many.

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