Talina Fernández Accuses Her Grandson José Emilio of Being “Sold”: Shocking Revelation!

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TV presenter Talina Fernández recently criticized her grandson, José Emilio, after he spoke about the lawsuit over Mariana Levy’s inheritance during an interview. Speaking at an event she attended with her boyfriend, Fernández commented that she hopes her grandchildren will receive what they deserve as it has been almost two decades since the death of her daughter. Fernández also expressed her concern regarding the financial struggles her grandchildren are experiencing.

However, Fernández turned on José Emilio, calling him a sellout after he made accusations against his half-sister María. The driver sided with the eldest daughter of Levy instead, claiming that José Emilio likes to sell himself out to magazines for money. Fernández also highlighted that she didn’t raise José Emilio, as he was left only eight months old when her daughter died.

Regarding the estrangement of José Emilio with Ana Bárbara, Fernández thanked the singer for her work as a stepmother, claiming that Ana Bárbara took care of her grandchildren when they were younger. Fernández also expressed her discomfort with José Emilio’s interview, where he spoke negatively about María, who is the product of Mariana Levy’s relationship with Ariel López Padilla.

In conclusion, it is evident that the issue of Mariana Levy’s inheritance is still causing tension and disputes within the family. Nonetheless, Talina Fernández’s comments suggest that she hopes this issue can be resolved soon, so her grandchildren can receive what they rightly deserve.

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